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Video || Lady With a Bag Takes Over Bloomberg Rally

Looks like this woman seized the stage during the warmup for Michael Bloomberg.

Kind of funny, they couldn’t just drag her off. “That is not democracy. That is plutocracy,” she yells.

There’s going to be a lot of this, because the left ain’t gonna be happy with Michael Bloomberg. I think in a lot of cases, their hatred for Donald Trump is not going to override their disgust with a billionaire buying the White House, which stands against everything they believe.

Bloomberg is not the savior for Democrats. I’m not sure who is. But I would watch Amy Klobuchar. She’s grown into her role as a presidential campaigner. But I suggest that she has a chance more because a lack of an alternative for Democrats than anything else.

3 thoughts on “Video || Lady With a Bag Takes Over Bloomberg Rally”

  1. God Bless little old ladies.
    There is a legal secret exception in the Constitution for little old ladies that allows them to say whatever they want, whenever they want, and if they hit you with their ‘bag’, you must apologize for upsetting them.

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