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Nunes: Get Ready for More News About Bad Behavior by Mueller Prosecutors

No scandals during the Obama administration? There were plenty, and the Russia investigation can of worms is still being peeled open.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Rep. Devin Nunes predicted more fallout from then-special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

After the Justice Department recommended a steep prison sentence for Trump confidant Roger Stone, which was walked back on Tuesday, the California Republican said that “this is not going to be the only example” of questionable behavior during the federal inquiry he called an “obstruction of justice trap.”

“There’s more to come on this,” the House Intelligence Committee ranking member told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, before noting that all four prosecutors in the Stone case, including three who were on Mueller’s team, quit after the Justice Department rebuked their recommendation of up to nine years in prison for the longtime GOP operative. A more lenient three to four years in prison were suggested in the latest court filing.

“We think there’s other examples of things that they did during the Mueller investigation that I think you and your listeners and the American people will be very interested to learn in the coming weeks as we start to unpeel the onion of what the Mueller team was really doing,” he added.

4 thoughts on “Nunes: Get Ready for More News About Bad Behavior by Mueller Prosecutors”

  1. I wonder if those four shysters who resigned in the Roger Stone case, were planning this thing all along.

    They knew that if they recommended an excessive sentence, that Trump, and possibly Barr, would “overreact,” and their pals in Congress could open another investigation.

    Russiarussiarussia flamed out, and about one week later, right on cue, we were on to Ukraine. Ukraine just flamed out, and one week later, right on cue, we’re on to Roger Stone.

    This whole thing positively REEKS of a manufactured set-up, and with the key operators in the central incident having come straight out of Ernst Stavro Mueller’s office, you’ll have to excuse me for thinking this whole kerfuffle is just one more process trap put-up job.

    1. My first reaction as well. Was waiting all week for “the next thing” – and here we are, right on cue…with the MSM and Dems in lockstep once again.

      1. Former AG Matt Whitaker would make nearly the same argument on Ingraham a few hours after I posted that. He even used the word “kerfuffle.”

        Great minds think alike. :D

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