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Trump Schedule || Saturday, February 8, 2020

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    • Her big opponent so far in this upcoming election is Sara Gideon, a Dem, who is currently Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives. She’s behind Collins right now in polls– Collins leads 52 percent to Gideon’s 30 percent. But Collins is losing ground.

  1. Sadly, Collins is the best that the RIGHT can get from Maine currently. So I’ll say that her RIGHT votes on issues are all good – maybe 90% of the time? — Get a Democrat and get 0% of the time.

    In, say, Utah, you should expect the Republicans can do better than Romney…. And In West Virginia you have the anti-Collins.. a democrat that is trying to hold on. In 4 years Manchin will be gone for WV….

    Squishy Collins acts like it is such a torment to vote Republican so that she can seem like an OK person to the masses in Maine….

    These people are politicians — and the are all for themselves first, second and third…