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Trump Charging Secret Service Exorbitant Rates to Protect Him at His Properties

This is not great. Although the source is the Washington Post, which has gone so off the deep end against President Trump that they are hard to trust. Still, it seems the news is backed up by documentation.

According to the Post:

President Trump’s company charges the Secret Service for the rooms agents use while protecting him at his luxury properties — billing U.S. taxpayers at rates as high as $650 per night, according to federal records and people who have seen receipts.

Those charges, compiled here for the first time, show that Trump has an unprecedented — and largely hidden — business relationship with his own government. When Trump visits his clubs in Palm Beach, Fla., and Bedminster, N.J., the service needs space to post guards and store equipment.

Trump’s company says it charges only minimal fees. But Secret Service records do not show that.

At Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club, the Secret Service was charged the $650 rate dozens of times in 2017, and a different rate, $396.15, dozens more times in 2018, according to documents from Trump’s visits.AD

Secret Service pays rates as high as $650 a night for rooms at Trump’s properties, documents showNew documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act reveal the rates the Secret Service paid at President Trump’s priorities. (Zach Purser Brown/The Washington Post)

And at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, the Secret Service was charged $17,000 a month to use a three-bedroom cottage on the property, an unusually high rent for homes in that area, according to receipts from 2017. Trump’s company billed the government even for days when Trump wasn’t there.

These payments appear to contradict the Trump Organization’s own statements about what it charges members of his government entourage. “If my father travels, they stay at our properties for free — meaning, like, cost for housekeeping,” Trump’s son Eric said in a Yahoo Finance interview last year.

14 thoughts on “Trump Charging Secret Service Exorbitant Rates to Protect Him at His Properties”

  1. If this is true, it would be the smart thing to start charging at or even BELOW market rate. Trump Organization needs the money less than Trump needs clean hands.

  2. sigh.
    We can assume that when the President is at home, the Security is tight and probably prevents or discourages guests at the hotel.
    This kind of thing costs businesses and will for the next 5 years (or more).
    How many times did the Obamas insist their “tradition” required them to spend a month in Hawaii – what cost was assigned to security there? We don’t know.
    How much did it cost for security for the FLOTUS’s trip to Africa, Spain, etc, and how much did it cost us when the daughters took private vacations? We don’t know.
    It doesn’t matter.
    We don’t begrudge any of our Presidents the most, best security possible.

    ot: Our elected elites spend billions on foolish grants and studies every year.
    That, we care about.

  3. Who cares??? Didn’t the Obamas jet off every year to Hawaii for their Christmas vaca? Did the media bat an eye at all for that massive taxpayer bill??

    Didn’t think so, and if they did, I don’t believe it got a lot of clicks.

  4. I won’t believe anything the MSM says, unless they prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, so far they’ve failed to prove anything they say Trump did. Besides, the man doesn’t take a salary or endless trips to Hawaii. Nor does Melania take far flung safaris with an endless number of staff. The Trumps don’t take needless trips to Broadway shows or date nights to expensive restaurants.

    1. It’s funny how President Obama’s annual trip to Hawaii and golfing were “endless”, but President Trump’s almost 20 trips to Mar-a-Lago and Bedminster in his first year in office alone + weekend trips to Trump National in Virginia and all those trips since are nothing to talk about, especially when he promised us he would never take a vacation or golf. If you don’t care about President Trump’s vacations and golf outings or the money it’s costing US taxpayers, that’s fine. But it’s ludicrous to complain about President Obama’s at the same time when he very clearly did so substantially less often and never profited from those trips.

      Thank you Keith for posting both positive and negative stories about the President. I appreciate it.

      Present Trumps current golf count: 246

      Trips to Mar-a-Lago, Bedminster in 2017.

      – Feb 3-6, 2017
      – Feb 10-12, 2017
      – Feb 17-20, 2017
      – Mar 3-5, 2017
      – Mar 17-19, 2017
      – Apr 6-9, 2017
      – Apr 13-16, 2017
      – Nov 22-26, 2017
      – Dec 8-10, 2017

      – May 4-7, 2017
      – Jun 9-11, 2017
      – Jun 30-Jul 4, 2017
      – Jul 15-16, 2017
      – Aug 4-20, 2017
      – Sep 15-17, 2017
      – Sep 21-24, 2017
      – Sep 29-30, 2017

      1. It costs less to go to the same destination, where security can be routinized and costs anticipated. The royal Obamas went to different places, each one needing new surveys for security needs, new set ups to ensure security, security guards educated on the risks of the location, and more, and tear it all down and send it home because The One and Wife will be somewhere else the next time. They were just werking the perks.

        Trump is working for us.

        1. Emphasis on working.

          U-6 unemployment in December was 6.7%, its lowest ever; the stat was first tracked in 1994.

          In all of 2010, it never went below 16.5%.

  5. Start with the verdict…. Guilty…

    Then we can sort it through and see if Trump is innocent.

    There are lots of charges that go on hotel bills that are later charged back — In order to take a room out of inventory you have to charge it.

    So… While the Trumps might be lying or misleading or whatever… I think a few days and someone with a little accounting sense should review it all.

  6. Anyone else remember when he offered to host some summit or other at Mar-a-Lago for a discount, and official Washington got its collective shorties in a knot?

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