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The False Comparison Being Made Between the Clinton and Trump Responses to Impeachment

This kind of thing is all over the place in the press. President Trump’s admittedly over-the-top remarks Tuesday in response to his acquittal in his impeachment trial are being compared to the “dignity” of Bill Clinton’s response to his own acquittal.

Any of us who covered Bill Clinton will recognize the typical fake emotion the man could summon when he needed it. In this case, it the recipe is some contrition mixed with a dash of mournful remorse. Please.

It was pretty much the way he sounded in 1992 when he so sincerely acknowledged to “the American people” that he had caused “pain in my marriage.” Watch it. Exact same tone. Then, of course, he he got right back to work causing “pain in my marriage.”

But what all the journalists peddling the “dignified” Clinton response to his acquittal are leaving out is, this, the defiant political rally Clinton held with Democrats in the Rose Garden after the House had impeachment him.

“We must stop the politics of personal destruction,” he said, going on to accuse Republicans of “poisonous venom” — I know, redundant — “obsessive animosity,” and “uncontrolled anger.”

Clinton and his people fought to vilify the Republicans at every turn for impeaching him. There was nothing dignified about it, until dignity was what Clinton decided would work best for him.

6 thoughts on “The False Comparison Being Made Between the Clinton and Trump Responses to Impeachment”

  1. Hmm… It seems to me like the biggest difference is that Clinton actually did commit crimes that got him impeached whereas Trump did absolutely nothing wrong. I wouldn’t expect anybody to apologize or appear contrite after being acquitted of false charges that were brought strictly with the intention of undermining legitimacy and authority.

  2. We should add the fact that Clinton had actual crimes he allocuted to in his Plea arrangement with Congress. That was what he was apologizing for. The crimes he committed.

  3. Remind me again why Syphilis Bill and his lying, phony apology to his enabler and the American people was ok and DJT’s remarks were “somewhat over the top?’
    In my book he could have told Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff to F’ off and die and it would have been ok. Seeing as how, over the past 3 years, they have taken aim at him time and time again seeking to destroy him, he is entitled to say what ever he wants.
    When you go at the king, you better not miss. The Democrats better be prepared for retaliation in the worst way. They won’t be of course, because they are an entitled bunch of a’holes. Tough for them.

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