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White House Dossier will Not Publish Today

White House Dossier will not publish Monday, February 3, 2020. It will return on Tuesday. Thank you for your patience.

6 thoughts on “White House Dossier will Not Publish Today”

    1. Today is the most unproductive workday in the US. Coming through the gate to get on base is normally a 20 minute wait in line. Today it was wide open.

  1. I’d like to thank my fellow Dems in Iowa for adding some humor to the upcoming election. After months(years) of miserable news coming from the Dems, it’s so nice to see they are reaping what they have sown – disorder.

    The inevitable “Russia did it” and “Trump did it” was just another excuse for the Dem incompetence. We find out that Hillary’s old team had a finger in the special Ap , so it shouldn’t be a surprise to the Dem candidates that the very first votes to be counted are not forthcoming.
    Have a good day, Dems.

  2. If I were on Wall Street right now, I’d be looking to get into oil stocks on the cheap.

    Thanks to the Iowa Democrats’ self-beclowning, Iowa won’t be leading off the presidential sweepstakes for a long, long time. This level of incompetence (Or was it? This is tinfoil hat territory right about now) has just about guaranteed that the Democrats will want to move the opening round out of Iowa.

    Over on the GOP side, the only time a Republican has won a contested Iowa caucus, and then gone on to win the White House, was 2000. The rest either lost to the Democrat, or didn’t even win the nomination.

    So the Iowa caucuses may soon become a relic, but what’s that got to do with oil stocks?

    Two words: ethanol subsidies.

    Ethanol had always been touted as the fuel of the future, and back in the days when any satrap with a sandbox could threaten us with an oil shock, it made sense to look for alternatives.

    Now that it turns out–sorry, Barry–that we really could drill our way out of that problem, ethanol is becoming less of a priority.

    Or…at least, it should. Problem is, no politician with any sort of presidential ambition, would ever float the idea of letting the fate of ethanol be decided by the free market. Can’t upset those all-important king-making Iowa corn farmers, dontcha know.

    So if Iowa loses its leadoff spot, ethanol subsidies and mandates are likely to be scaled back in Trump’s second term. With a Republican Congress, which seems likely, there might also be a chance that we’ll see a simplification of the menu of boutique blends, which so thoroughly complicate the refining process.

    That, in turn, would simplify operations for oil companies, which would make it easier for them to make money.

    Ergo, with the Iowa caucuses crashing and burning, look for buy and hold bargains in oil stocks.

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