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Trump Schedule || Saturday, February 1 – Sunday, February 2, 2019

President Trump is at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Florida. On Sunday evening he will go to the Trump National Golf Club in West Palm Beach where the Florida Atlantic University Marching Band will perform, and he and the first lady will host a Super Bowl Party. They will depart during the game to return to the White House.

3 thoughts on “Trump Schedule || Saturday, February 1 – Sunday, February 2, 2019”

  1. Signed USMCA,addressed human trafficking,Trump and Bibi proposed ME peace plan,held two rally’s.
    All this in one week or so.
    Polished it off with being acquitted in yet another Dem witch hunt. Just wait till Wednesday it will be official.
    And headlines scream TRUMP GOLFING AGAIN.

  2. Why I’m focusing in the last, biggest football game of the season:
    Coronavirus is scary.
    The Dems are insane.
    Hillary is b-a-a–ack.
    So much hatred.

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