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Video || Ken Starr: “Like War, Impeachment is Hell”

Starr argues for President Trump’s team that impeachment should be a measure of last resort.

3 thoughts on “Video || Ken Starr: “Like War, Impeachment is Hell””

  1. I have to say I don’t have much better opinion of Ken Starr than I do of Schiff. What he did was pretty despicable too, and in the end all he accomplished, using Linda Tripp’s betrayal of a young woman’s confidence, was to wreck a talented and promising young woman’s reputation – pretty much forever. Ken Starr hounded her and brutalized Monica into testifying, while knowing that the only “crime” he’d be able to catch Clinton for was too minor for such an ordeal. Starr was wrong then, and he has never repented for it.

    1. Anytime that Clinton issue is brought up I am reminded on how that young girl was preyed upon by Clinton. Legalities aside — essentially — this employer – Clinton – Sexually Harrassed this young intern.

      Ken Starr very well should repent but I always want to remind the world that if I as a 40 something boss did to a 20 something intern what he did, I’d be finished.

      Clinton is a horrible piece of crap of a person. Awful.

      1. Absolutely, and I am not defending Clinton. The trouble was that in that time and place it was not a matter that would bring down a popular president – and Starr knew that it wouldn’t. Starr was not interested in helping Clinton’s victim, instead Starr abused her too – and Starr did so for purely political gain.

        I have great admiration for Monica. She still raises her voice from time to time – most recently during the “#MeToo” hoopla. She has great dignity and courage, and I hope that God blesses and compensates her for the derision she still experiences when she goes out her door into the spotlight.

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