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Susan Collins and Mitt Romney Say Bolton Claim Strengthens Call for Witnesses

The claim by John Bolton in his upcoming book that President Trump told him he wanted to withhold aide to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into the Bidens is emboldening Senate moderates already inclined to demand witnesses.

It’s getting hard for me to see how they vote on this thing without calling at least a few witnesses. It’s also hard to see how they convict Trump even if they do, since even most Republicans probably believe Trump sought a “quid pro quo” with Ukraine but do not think it rises to the level an impeachable offense. Especially with Election Day just over nine months away.

According to The Hill:

Former national security adviser John Bolton’s claim in an unpublished manuscript that President Trump told him he wanted to hold military assistance to Ukraine to get officials there to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden has sharpened a rift within the Senate GOP over trial strategy.

Two key moderates, Sens. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Susan Collins (R-Maine), say Bolton’s claim strengthens their calls for the Senate to hear from witnesses at President Trump’s impeachment trial.

Yet GOP leaders and other rank-and-file Republican senators are questioning Bolton’s motivations and dismissing the reported claims of his book draft as adding little to the case against the president.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), at a Republican conference lunch meeting Monday, urged his colleagues to hold off on making a quick judgment on the need for witnesses in the wake of news reports on Bolton’s claims.

Romney told reporters Monday morning “it’s increasingly likely that other Republicans will join those of us who think we should hear from John Bolton.”

10 thoughts on “Susan Collins and Mitt Romney Say Bolton Claim Strengthens Call for Witnesses”

  1. If the Dems’ get their wish of having Bolton they will have to allow the GOP having the whistle blower and the Bidens. The four senators campaigning in Iowa won’t be happy because they will be stuck in DC.

  2. I read this stuff and I try to be objective – I really do. I know it sounds horrible to some people and they are convinced he is beyond redemption, but I honestly believe this type of stuff goes on behind closed doors all the time, no party exceptions. We all get frustrated and we say we want certain things to happen because of our frustration, but we sit back and end up making a more realistic approach. People draft letters when they are angry only to pull back and revise before it is sent out. President Trump has lost his ability to think out loud, express his contempt for certain things, etc. without someone who is upset leaking or sharing a conversation that is not theirs to share. Shame on the leakers. Shame on Mr. Bolton. From what I have read, he was unhappy about many things while he was in his position. When he accepted the job – he knew how Mr. Trump operated. He continued to work for him in spite of their apparent disagreements. If Mr. Bolton personally felt that it was inappropriate or whatever his thought process, he should have left his employ and kept his mouth shut. I recall when he took his name out of running for the UN position because he knew he wasn’t going to be selected by the Democratically controlled Senate. Now he is their knight in shining armour. Mr. Trump’s biggest problem is he talks alot – many times expressing his frustration. I would guess most Americans find it disgusting that we give so many millions of dollars to corrupt governments, only to be mocked and shouted down as evil doers. At the end of the day, he appears to generally make the right decisions. The man has been compromised by so many he sought to rely on – and entrusted with his personal thoughts and wishes. Can’t think of many, if any, politicians if subjected to the same scrutiny would still be standing. The House should have finished up their investigation by taking the time to do so or alternatively, censured him and moved on. Nothing that I can see rises to removing him as President. The voters should make the final decision, but we all know nothing is without a political spin to it. Seek and destroy – Mr. Schiff and others, act like they are pure as the driven snow. Look in the mirror.

  3. Donald Trump is not a politician. Never was, won’t ever be one. He is and was a businessman who made deals with nice people, bad people and learned how to tell the difference.

    Do us a favor is not a criminal request between businessmen/women. It is a common request from one to another that is usually returned as another favor.
    “Do me a favor and see if you can get tickets to that Broadway show for my in-laws” or “Do me a favor and try to keep the dust down on the site because the tenants are really upset”.

    Betcha that Joe Biden asked for a favor for his son’s appointment to Burmisma in return for $1billion. His son was there, not as a tourist, but for some other reason. The Bidens knew that Hunter had no expertise to offer, or would have a positive reason to be on the board of a foreign utility company.

    There’s no reason to request others to testify in what is an illegal, unconstitutional proceeding. It’s time to end it.

    1. He is severely jealous, just like no-neck McCain.
      Romney has been all over the place since President Trump was elected. Beneath it all is that green monster. He is sickening.

  4. Hey Bolton, sit down and shut up. We are not “fighting the last war” any longer no matter how much you want to. There’s a smarter man in the White House now. Recognize the fact and go home.

  5. That’s ridiculous. Are they STUPID or just ornery? Dershowitz just said 2 min ago. Bolton manuscript, even if accurate, does not alter the facts or represent anything close to impeachable.

  6. This is utter BS. Bolton and his publisher want to sell books and make money. Even if Bolton has relevant evidence it is not appropriate for the Senate to call ANY witness who wasn’t part of the House “inquiry”. It was the House’s job to collect evidence, hear from witnesses, and build the best case they could. They didn’t have the patience to go through the courts to compel Bolton or Mulvaney to testify. Now it should be too late. If Republicans vote to hear from witnesses they must insist on hearing g from the so-called whistleblower and Hunter Biden. It’s time to.go scorched earth on the Dems.

  7. I get that Bolton has a bad case of butthurt after getting canned. But come on…that’s what they make Preparation H for.

    Bolton and his publisher are both denying they’re the leakers, and since Alexander Vindman’s brother is the approving authority on the NSC, I’m actually inclined to believe them, oddly enough.

    The whole thing reeks to high heaven. Vindman, frere, gets to grind his ax under the cloak of anonymity; Simon & Schuster get a shit-ton of free publicity; Maggie Haberman gets more clickbait for Pravda-on-the-Hudson; and Bolton gets to do his best Louis Renault impression over all of the above.

    Does the name “Cindy Sheehan” ring any bells? I bring her up, because once she started going after Obama, her fifteen minutes ended ahead of schedule.

    Bolton is, a la Sheehan, whoring himself off for the Left, even though they always had hated him before this, and even though they always will hate him once this is over. He’s now burned too many bridges with the Right, however, and he either doesn’t know, or doesn’t care, that once the Left is done using him, they’ll discard him like a used condom.

    As for the leak itself, Haberman did her usual “I haven’t seen it myself, but my anonymous sources say” tap dance. It’s getting tiresome in its predictability.

    The timing is too convenient, the outlet is too convenient, and the narrative is too convenient. And yet, the usual squishes are taking it seriously…which is ALSO too convenient. I personally think this play by Pravda-on-the-Hudson is like Axe body spray: its efficacy is debatable, but the nerds and the lightweights, for reasons unknown, keep right on buying it.

    If there’s one thing American voters detest, it is overreach. The Democrats are going to rue this era, for it will set them back for a generation.

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