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Warren Plans Open-Ended Investigation of Trump Officials If She Is Elected

It seems that there is a new ethic when it comes to our legal system. One that has been used to great effect in totalitarian regimes.

It is, go looking for crimes by your political enemies, and the lock them up. That’s what nice “Have a beer” Elizabeth Warren is proposing.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Think the fog of partisan Trump investigations will lift once the President leaves office, either in 2021 or 2025? Not if Elizabeth Warren has anything to say about it. With the Iowa caucuses approaching and her campaign fortunes flagging, Senator Warren now says that as President she’d launch an open-ended criminal investigation into her predecessor and anyone who worked for him.

Ms. Warren’s latest “anti-corruption” plan says she would create “a Justice Department Task Force to investigate corruption during the Trump administration and to hold government officials accountable for illegal activity.” She would order Justice to look for violations of “federal bribery laws, insider trading laws, and other anti-corruption and public integrity laws” as well as immigration-enforcement offenses. 

“This will be no ordinary transition between administrations,” the document says ominously. Team Warren won’t be satisfied with taking control of the executive branch in an election. They also want scalps of choice ex-officials. The plan links to news articles about Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, White House Adviser KellyanneCon way and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson.

Orwellian. Literally.

15 thoughts on “Warren Plans Open-Ended Investigation of Trump Officials If She Is Elected”

  1. Between Lyawhatha and Burn Man’s staffers wanting to have gulags, re-education camps, and guillotine the wealthy, it’s a horse race to see who can be the bigger commie in charge!

  2. How has it come to this? Threatening your political opponents with retribution, wishing some voters be punished for the ‘wrong’ vote, and private citizens attacking others because they support the wrong person is not American, it’s not what used to be.
    Daily life is good here for the vast majority, there’s no widespread starvation, no hordes of people wandering through our cities hoping for handouts, or people dying in the streets.

    Why are the Dems so intent on making our lives miserable?

    1. Because it is in their DNA/bloodstream..they experienced a microaggression when they were young…like we all did…but nobody ever told them to get over it!

    2. The D’s are trying to sell us on an old tactic–used by Marxists/revolutionaries and by totalitarians throughout history. It goes like this–three stages:

      1. The current state is described as awful, intolerable, people are starving or in some other way suffering. Nothing works, current government is corrupt, etc. They try to sell this idea no matter how good the current state is for most people.

      2. They then describe a future state–a Utopia–wherein only THEY can eliminate the sufferings and catastrophes they declare currently exist in the current state.

      3. They then try to convince us to vote for them, participate in the revolution or otherwise overthrow those in power whom they claim created this “mess” in the current state.

      It’s a very old trick used for centuries in one form or another by those who want to overthrow the current government and acquire power and approval by citizens. It’s a big part of Hegelian philosophy used by the Soviets during the worst years of their reign. We see it used every day now by Liberals, Democrats and their supporters in the media as they try to destroy Trump, for example.

  3. Every day, these Democrat wanna-be President characters give the American people yet another reason to not vote for them. I’ve never seen a lesser qualified bask of crocodilian Democrat political candidates in my entire life. They behave as though they were in a Monty Python movie.

  4. Despite Warren’s loveable New England righteous granny style, I have come to think that she is a dangerous, lying, Hillary-Clinton clone.

    1. I haven’t seen either the Project Veritas gulag comments or Fauxahontas with her future Stalinesque tactics on any mainstream media. Sadly, it wouldn’t matter. Half the country doesn’t care as long as it gets Trump. They will never ever see the forest for the trees until it’s too late.

  5. What would one expect from boomers? Bottle fed, TV, Dr. Spock- enough to warp the largest generation of noncolor right from the start.

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