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Trump Writing Middle Class Tax Cut; Plans to Expand Travel Ban

Don’t get the wrong idea. The tax cut is a campaign document, which could possibly be enacted after he is reelected. The House that just impeached him isn’t going to give him a middle class tax cut this year, or much of anything else.

The travel ban is also, at least partially, a campaign proposal. But it’s one he might be able to do too.

From an interview he gave with the Wall Street Journal on the sidelines of the Davos Summit in Switzerland:

The president said his administration is developing a middle-class tax cut that would go into effect if he keeps the presidency and Republicans control Congress. He declined to offer any details about the measure.

“We’re talking a fairly substantial…middle-class tax cut that’ll be subject to taking back the House and obviously keeping the Senate and keeping the White House,” he said. The president said the administration is crafting it now and it will be unveiled in 90 days.

Mr. Trump confirmed that he is planning to add additional nations to an updated version of his travel ban that the administration is expected to release later this month. He wouldn’t reveal which countries would be added. The Supreme Court in 2018 affirmed Mr. Trump’s power to block citizens of several Muslim-majority nations from entering the U.S., finding the authority was justified on independent national-security grounds including an administration study that found weaknesses in how some countries vetted their travelers.

4 thoughts on “Trump Writing Middle Class Tax Cut; Plans to Expand Travel Ban”

  1. So many promises from both sides of the campaign. Free College! Tax Breaks! Free Medical Care! Free Everything!
    The promise that workers can keep more of their hard-earned wages is the only one that could happen.

  2. Never underestimate a financial incentive.

    The prospect of Pencil-Neck prancing about, really should be enough to cost Democrats in swing districts their jobs.

    Trump’s tax proposal will either convince enough weak supporters, to ensure that…or, it will galvanize his established voters into bouncing the rubble.

    And if the Democrats heaven-forbid hold the House, he loses nothing new.

    It’s pretty much a no-risk play. This is not rocket surgery, folks.

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