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Video || Trump Signs “Phase One” Trade Deal With China

He is the first president to stand up to modern China’s egregious trade practices, which has included all kinds of cheating, including currency manipulation, use of slave labor, and stealing intellectual property.

This deal begins to address some of that. It also keeps many sanctions on the Chinese until more gets done. Meanwhile, China will buy some $200 billion of U.S. products.

What all those conservatives and business-types who weep about the tariffs ignore is that they are a tool, not an end in themselves. They are a tool that is working against an economy, China’s which is struggling and must back down.

“Oh, tariffs are bad!” they bellow. Well of course tariffs are bad. It’s the result that stems from them that President Trump is looking for.

It’s like saying, “Oh, cutting people is bad!” Yes, it is. Unless you are a surgeon removing a tumor or fix a broken arm.

President Trump said he would get this done. He got it done. Average American workers understand the China peril, even if Washington does not. Trump will get tremendous credit from voters for this.

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