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Video || Elizabeth Warren Refuses to Shake Bernie’s Hand

She says he told her a woman couldn’t win the presidency. He says he never said it. So, someone is lying.

I’d lean toward the person who is angrier about the situation as the one telling the truth. But who knows?

CNN debate moderator Abby Philips, though, presumed that he did say it, despite his denial.

UDPATE: Here is audio of their encounter:

6 thoughts on “Video || Elizabeth Warren Refuses to Shake Bernie’s Hand”

  1. Gabbard said she talked to Bernie about running and she said he was very supportive.

    Warren has lied about being Native American, being fired because of pregnancy, and that her kid went to school, just to pander. This seems as truthful as those.

  2. Highly doubt Bernie said that. I’ve seen videos on YouTube of Bernie in the 80s saying that a woman can be President. And Fauxcahontas is a proven liar.

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