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Trump Mocks Cory Booker for Dropping Out

In case you had not heard the news, the agony of watching Cory Booker campaign for president is over.

He falls in the category of manchildren, along with Beto O’Rourke, who were never suited to the presidency, something Democrat voters perceived. And because expectations for both were so high, and they did so poorly, they likely will never run for president again.

At least Booker holds his Senate seat. O’Rourke could not get elected to any office in Texas, I don’t think, at least not statewide, after threatening to raid everyone’s gun safes.

Anyway, President Trump had a little fun with Cory.

9 thoughts on “Trump Mocks Cory Booker for Dropping Out”

  1. The Dems are only pretending to be anguished at the thought of only old, White people are running for President. After 8 years of protecting the Obamas as if they were “special needs” children, the powers that be in the Dem party are not going down that racial road anytime soon. MrsWarren will find that the Dem voters aren’t happy with a woman candidate, either.
    That’s a harsh, non-PC, unwoke explanation of the state of the Dem party, but it’s the truth.
    They finally realize that the Presidency isn’t the place to play the virtue card or the racial card anymore.
    Nobody told Booker or Beto, et al, that special needs or skin color or gender aren’t going to fly as reasons to elect someone to be POTUS.

    1. Let alone a talented skateboarder.
      Ta Dah
      Ladies and Gentlemen our very first Skateboarding President! Beto roll out here so the people can see you!

  2. Just saw a headline that Sanders told Warren in a private meeting in 2018 that a woman can’t be elected. That’s pretty arrogant – I happen to think a great female candidate could be elected and quite frankly – the first female president may be a Republican. Bloomberg is literally trying to buy the Presidency – doubt very seriously he’ll get anywhere – talk about being privileged. I read that he’s giving Never Trumpers another alternative but he’ll still support whomever the Democrat candidate is (even if its a socialist I guess); Steyer doing the same thing; Biden just really seems off to me – like perhaps dementia is taking hold; Buttigeg is just too young (in my opinion and really doesn’t have the experience or tenacity needed); Tulsi Gabbard is a strong female, but she’s probably better suited for a cabinet position. Kolobuchar has her issues with how she treated people in her office, etc. but honestly it may have been sour grapes or people who can’t handle conflict. I’m not a Democrat and have no intention of supporting any of them – but the field is definitely lacking.

  3. He thought the Kavanaugh hearing would put him in the top tier. I guess being an ass on national TV doesn’t help your message. Especially when your message is crap from the beginning.

  4. As others have noted, the D’s currently have fielded a very weak gaggle of wanna-be nominees –the weakest I’ve ever seen. Surely the D leadership and fundraisers are completely aware of that. Everyone else sees it. None of these candidates will beat Trump. Period.

    So what is the game plan for the D’s? What’s really going on here? What’s the backroom talk of the Dem power brokers, given this current third rate cast of candidates? Are they really this disorganized?

    I dunno. Maybe there’s a more viable, less obnoxious, middle of the Dem candidate they are hiding somewhere until the right moment. They are headed for a brokered convention, so someone in some political locker room whom we may not even be aware of right now is getting ready to run, and is waiting for the brokered convention to nominate him/her. Maybe putting forth this screwed up, third rate cast of candidate characters right now is part of a larger strategy we’ll understand later on in the summer.

    1. Marcus, when I read the sentence, “They are headed for a brokered convention, so someone in some political locker room whom we may not even be aware of right now is getting ready to run, and is waiting for the brokered convention to nominate him/her”, a chill came over me as I pictured Michelle Obama as the new nominee. Very scary!

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