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Tulsi Gabbard, Pete Buttigieg and Other Dems Blame Trump for Downing Ukraine Airliner

Trump Derangement Syndrome run amuck. This is just simply plain stupid.

Trump’s killing of Qassem Solameini can legitimately be debated. But you can’t logically blame Trump for an apparent accident that occurred related to a foreign policy decision that at least arguably has merit. How about just blaming Iranian incompetence?? They shot the thing down.

Best then, not to make any foreign policy decisions at all. Who knows what could result?

Should be blame the United States Marine Corps, which trained Lee Harvey Oswald to shoot, for the Kennedy assassination?

I guess maybe let’s blame Dwight Eisenhower for the Ukrainian airliner tragedy instead. I mean, he put the Shah back in power in the 1950s, which led Iranian Islamic extremists to take over the country in the 1970s, which led to Iran causing problems in the region, which led to Trump killing Solameini, which led to the downing of the Ukrainian airliner by Iran.

So that’s whom I blame. It was Eisenhower.

BTW, for a leading presidential candidate like Pete Buttigieg to blame the president for such a horrifying incident — even in Buttigieg’s typical slick way of trying to suggest something while maintaining deniability — is repugnant.

6 Responses to Tulsi Gabbard, Pete Buttigieg and Other Dems Blame Trump for Downing Ukraine Airliner

  1. Just wondering – who was on that plane and why were they going to Iran?
    There are reports that some Canadians were onboard.
    Of course it’s PresTrump’s fault. Just like it was Bill Clinton’s fault that the Arabs brought down the Twin Towers in NYC.
    or not.

  2. Now the Iranians admit they shot down the airplane.
    We can just imagine the thrill the doofus shared with the other doofus Iranians when they thought they brought down an American jet.
    “Death to America!” over and over!
    Then, oops. Now what do we do.

    If not for the tragic and unnecessary loss of innocent lives, the whole Iranian attack would be fodder for dozens of late night comics, and maybe a movie. Dozens of missiles shot into a desert, some don’t even ignite and none hit any target, except for a commercial airliner carrying mostly their own people.

  3. There is some chatter on the internet that the plane was carrying 4 Iranian generals (regular army, not the Quds) fleeing the regime, the plane was asked to turn back, didn’t, and was shot down. The chatter is coming from Iranians. Who knows? Will we ever find out…