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Trump’s Killing of Soleimani Could Secure his Reelection

It’s not just that President Trump killed a man who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans and who was fomenting terrorism throughout the Middle East.

That’s pretty good right there.

But think about it. Trump’s handling of this entire situation is everything his supporters say he is, and everything his opponents say he is not.

Trump backers will recognize a very strong and decisive action by a very strong and decisive leader. He did something neither George W. Bush nor Barack Obama would do in killing a major terrorist and threat to the United States. I’d be surprised if whoever replaces Soleimani has the same capability to advance the Iranian agenda.

What’s more, the feared consequences did not materialize. Iran essentially put its tail between its legs. It knows Trump is not Obama, and that if they waged a major response, Trump would retaliate massively.

And yet, Trump’s opponents say he is not a statesman, he does not wield a steady hand, and cannot be trusted to run the country wisely.

And yet, he did not overreact to Iran’s pinprick response. He recognized weakness for what it was, and chose not to further exacerbate the situation. The major conflagration that was widely feared never happened, and that should be very reassuring to those voters on the fence about Trump who might hesitate to support him because they fear he is erratic.

This is a major achievement Trump can take to the bank. He should and will run on it, and it will help him at least as much as killing Osama bin Laden — a far easier decision — helped Obama.

17 thoughts on “Trump’s Killing of Soleimani Could Secure his Reelection”

    1. And he gave credit to the special operators for the success of the mission. A sure mark of a true leader of men. I loved it when Trump celebrated Conan at the White House.

  1. Trump rally today in Ohio…. secure…

    Go to….and he has already… Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida…

    And also go after the ones you can pick up new… Minnesota, New Hampshire, Maine, Nevada…others….. and all those places where he can flip some House seats….. and really keep the Democrats on their heals…. So that from 2021 to 2023 he can get it ALL done……

    And keep appointing those judges….

    1. You’re so right.
      ot: Meghan Markle seems to be doing what George Washington and his troops failed to do – bring down the Brit Royals
      Leave it to an American to find a way to profit from the Royals and show them to all be moochers on the taxpayer’s shoulders.

      1. srdem, I usually agree with every comment you make, but in this case, I can’t. Maybe it’s because I was born in England, maybe it’s because I live in a Commonwealth country. I think Meghan Markle is a disgusting grifter, a liar, who is only out for herself. But she will not bring down the royal family. She’s nowhere near strong enough to do that.

  2. Speaking of killing of Osama… Why are We still not allowed to see any “proof” of that mission/death of Osama?
    Dear Leader Obama made everything related to that mission CLASSIFIED (no pictures, no helmet videos, no satellite-drone coverage, no video of his “burial at sea”) and nothing was ever said…

    1. That is my question too. I don’t believe OBL was killed – or buried – in the way or at the time we were told, any more than I believe Epstein killed himself. I think it was just another of Ben Rhodes’ gimmicks.

      One ‘tell’ was the Obama Admin’s set up of gathering a crowd at the White House gates to ‘spontaneously’ celebrate.

    2. Speaking of terrorists: What happened to the FBI’s investigation of the massacre in Las Vegas – @60 killed, @500 wounded?
      I don’t believe that one man killed/shot all those people, so ………….

      The Boston Marathon bombing: The FBI knew, KNEW, who the terrorists were from the first hour.
      They were FBI informants.
      These are not ‘tin-foil’ hat concerns, either.

    1. But, but, Orange Man bad because he assassinated a buddy of Putin’s! Orange Man is Putin’s puppet! That’s what the demorats have been claiming since President Trump was elected. It’s enough to make your head spin.

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