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Bret Baier: Media May be Suffering From Trump Derangement Syndrome

Remember, Bret Baier is on the news side, not the opinion side of Fox News. But he’s just a smart and honest journalist who can’t believe his colleagues are do biased that they can never see any good in what President Trump does.

4 thoughts on “Bret Baier: Media May be Suffering From Trump Derangement Syndrome”

  1. The credibility of the media is in deep, deep trouble in this country and fell from 28 percent trust/credibility in 1976 to just 8 percent in 2016. It’s even lower now, no doubt. It’s not only Trump derangement syndrome, but in virtually all subject areas the media reports on.

    That’s a catastrophe by any measure and it’s getting worst. If the media was in any other business–selling cars, e.g.– the personnel responsible for this disaster would have been fired long ago.

    And yet, media publishers, editors, reporters seem not in the least worried or concerned enough to correct their bigotry and left-leaning, anti-Trump, anti-conservative propaganda.

    Here’s a look at the media disaster as reported by The Federalist.

  2. At some point even the most rabid anti-Trumper has to ask themselves – uh, what exactly am I protesting for/against?
    Racism? uh, like what did he do/say?
    Sexism? uh, so he’s a guy.
    Every other __ism? What?
    Hollywood entertainers continue blasting MrTrump, but other Californians are worried about the homeless and their increasing taxes.
    The illegals here already don’t want any more illegals until they get what they want.

    The MSM is still hoping that they can be the king-slayer and bring MrTrump to his knees, just like they have done for decades to other politicians – Dem AND Repubs alike.

  3. MAY be?

    If Donald Trump were on a boat when a sudden storm came up, and if he were to say to the wind, “Be quiet!”, and to the waves, “Be still!”, and if the storm were immediately to cease, then the American media would claim (without citing any credible evidence, natch), that he only calmed the storm because he’s a landlubber who’s prone to seasickness.

    A sworn enemy of the United States, running a wartime disinformation campaign, wouldn’t have anywhere near the current level of rank dishonesty displayed by the American media.

    For a disinformation campaign to be effective, it has to have at least some easily verified truths mixed in among the propaganda, to make it sound at least somewhat plausible.

    And yet, CNN, MSDNC, and the rest, can’t even be bothered to do that much.

    When enemy wartime disinformation, would contain more truth than what’s routinely vomited up by the American press, you almost have to wonder whose side they’re really on…

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