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WashPost Reporter Compares Crowd at Trump Inauguration to That of Soleimani Funeral

More of the balanced journalism you can expect from the liberal media.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Washington Post reporter shared a comparison of the crowd gathered for the funeral of top Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani and for President Trump’s inauguration.

Missy Ryan, who covers the Pentagon and national security, retweeted the comparison on Monday. The original tweet had the caption: “Hard to resist not retweeting this.” While attendance at a U.S. presidential inauguration is voluntary, Iran is a theocratic regime judged one of the least free countries in the world, where only state-sponsored gatherings are permitted.

Since when are reporters who cover the administration permitted to publicly mock it?

Since for quite awhile now, unfortunately. Journalists were always liberal, but once they were at least professionals. The bias came through, but not in such a massive and sustained way, and they made at least some effort to hide it and be fair.

6 thoughts on “WashPost Reporter Compares Crowd at Trump Inauguration to That of Soleimani Funeral”

  1. Disgusting.

    I heard Joe Lieberman this morning on the Maria Bartiromo show. He is so balanced, calm, objective – he is a pleasure to listen to. I like General Keane too – these are men of substance.

  2. OK, apples vs rabbits comparisons don’t work. How about a overview of Biden’s political rallies vs MrTrump’s political rallies? oh.

    Speaking of politics, the two billionaires who tried to ruin sports loving American’s Sunday games with their campaign ads just come across as phony and pushy.
    Steyer’s father joined the Navy to fight the Nazis at Nuremberg? what!?
    Bloomberg was a compassionate Mayor who extended the lives of old people? what!?

  3. Oh dear me. Are we still talking about blowing General Salami Sandwich to smithereens? I figured he could have worn better jewelry. That ring with a hand attached! Have some self respect sir!

  4. I believe people who smiled at the funeral were likely to be carted off and shot. Or so some Iranians on twitter were saying that this is what happens.

  5. Every journalist who covered the funeral should’ve had their citizenship revoked while in Iran, maybe then they would really understand what it’s like to live under a true fanatical leader.

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