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Trump Vastly Decreases Number of Asylum Claimants Who Can Stay in the United States

The number of people who have been permitted to remain in the United States while awaiting adjudication of their asylum claims has declined under President Trump from about 20 percent to under one percent, according to Fox News. The vast majority, under Trump’s new system, just stay in Mexico while they wait for their court date.

Claiming asylum is used extensively to game the immigration system. Fewer are even trying the tactic because they do not get released into the United States.

Meanwhile little-reported is that the number of people illegally crossing into the United States has declined drastically since the border crisis in the spring. Only 42,649 people were apprehended or showed up to claim asylum along the U.S.-Mexico border in November, down from 144,116 in May.

7 thoughts on “Trump Vastly Decreases Number of Asylum Claimants Who Can Stay in the United States”

  1. I guess we should all jump up and down with this delightful news…. that should have happened decades with motor voter registration to anyone who has a pulse in NY &CA we will be playing catch up as congressional seats are changing due to demographics and sheer numbers. Past time to get Woke!

    1. Exactly! Obama’s people actually had a website instructing college students how to choose which state to vote in, so that their vote would be most valuable to Democrat candidates.

  2. How will the new immigrants actually vote if they have a chance to do so? Will they continue to keep Dems in office in California when the state is in crisis, or will they vote for MrTrump in an attempt to limit new immigrants who will probably dilute what little resources are available?
    The old “I got mine, now you go away”.

  3. The woman who was “crying” should receive an Oscar. Fake tears. Why do people think they have a right to settle in America? Why don’t they try to fix the problems in their own countries? Why should immigrants be given the right to vote? Perhaps if they’ve entered legally, and live in the country for 10 years, then they will have the right to vote, and not before.

  4. Pretty sweet deal for the countries these people are leaving behind. They are losing lawbreakers, unemployable types, people whose preferred skill is looking for handouts from others who work…

  5. Now, it’s time to start deporting ALL the illegals who are here — not just the dramatically bad ones, but also the ones who have fed off our economy by stealing jobs, birthing anchor babies, etc. No matter how long they’ve been here, how great they have been as individuals – they should have come here legally and now must be deported.

    Get ready for riots and flash mobs by the do-gooder Progs. I suspect this has impeded Trump’s deportation efforts thus far, but the time has come to move on getting the illegals out.

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