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AOC is Already Running for President

That’s the buzz, at least the buzz the Politico is trying to create.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be 35 in October 2024. She never stops talking, even when she stops thinking. But I wouldn’t underestimate her. I have no doubt that she, and the people behind her, believe she can and should become president.

Look for her not to run in 2024 but to be considered for Vice President, even then. I mean, she will have more relevant experience than Barack Obama had at the point that he ran for president, so why not?

Once, you needed a decent amount of political experience or to have been a general to become president. Donald Trump had run a major corporation for years before running. But with Obama, qualifications for the post went out the window, with predictable results, given his presidency.

AOC, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren — these are very dangerous people, true socialists who would rearrange our entire system. And remember, there is no such thing as a democratic Socialist, because the thinking does not comport with democracy. It’s too certain of itself, but because it cannot succeed, it must take draconian steps like limiting freedom in order to try.

I don’t think the threat of a socialist takeover in this country has ever been more serious.

According to Politico:

LOS ANGELES — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was campaigning for Bernie Sanders at a jampacked beach-side rally last week when she took a moment to look beyond 2020.

“I know, and we all know, that this isn’t just about Bernie Sanders,” she said. “This is about a movement that has been decades in the making.”

Since endorsing him in October, Ocasio-Cortez has become a supercharged surrogate for Sanders in early-voting and delegate-rich states. As she’s drawn massive crowds alongside the Vermont senator in Iowa, Nevada, California and New York, progressive insiders and activists are increasingly whispering about Ocasio-Cortez inheriting the movement one day — and running for the White House with it behind her.

“The future of the Democratic Party is not Pete Buttigieg. It’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” said Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, president of the California Young Democrats, which has endorsed Sanders. “She has gripped the attention of fellow millennials across the country. The Green New Deal has changed the conversation on environmental action in the Democratic Party.”

While the two democratic socialists are hyperfocused on 2020, some political operatives see their joint appearances as also laying the groundwork for a possible Ocasio-Cortez bid one day, purposefully or not. They’ve shown that she can excite Democrats in critical early-voting states.

The largest crowds at any presidential candidate event this year featured Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez. The events have allowed Ocasio-Cortez to hone her stump speech, which is not focused solely on Sanders and often includes long passages about her progressive vision. In one instance, she gave a keynote talk at a Las Vegas town hall for the campaign — delivered in Spanish — without Sanders present.

9 thoughts on “AOC is Already Running for President”

  1. To paraphrase the late Dr. Krauthammer, “She’s entirely unserious.” The composition of the Electoral map won’t change fast enough by 2024 to accept her insane ideas (and, in many states, unlikely ever!)…if she runs in ’24, she’ll end up being remembered as Alexandria Ocasio-McGovern.

  2. And regarding the Obama comparison, Obama and the people behind him kept his far left views well hidden and under wraps, presenting him as some sort of moderate. He voted “present” on certain key issues while in the State and U.S. Senate, keeping his record safe and neutral prior to his presidential run.

    Conversely, AOC’s leftist lunacy is there for all to see…in interviews, speeches, her Twitter feed, and – most importantly – her votes in Congress. Unlike Obama, she won’t be fooling anyone.

  3. Getting a bit ahead of ourselves, are we? First, she needs to get re-elected.

    It’s one thing to sneak up on a sitting incumbent, in a low-turnout election. It’s quite another, when you ARE the incumbent, and you’ve demonstrated an entitlement mentality that, by all evidence, is inversely proportional to your mental endowment.

    Wake me when she survives the 2020 congressional primary.

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