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Poll: Germans Think Trump More Dangerous Than Kim, Putin, and Xi. By a Lot

Just pay your 2 percent, and then go think what you want.

The Germans are a nation of politically correct lefties. They are concerned about their feelings, they indulge their attitudes. And so this means they have to hate President Trump, because it’s all about them, not about the external world.

They have been cosseted by American protection for so long, they hardly know that there’s a actual evil out there, or even care. But they will come running once it comes to get them.

And of course, like we always are, we’ll be there to help.

According to the German news outlet DW:

Although Washington is one of Germany’s closest allies, public trust in the US has significantly eroded under President Donald Trump, a new YouGov survey showed.

Germans were asked who was more dangerous: North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Russian President Vladimir Putin or US President Donald Trump.

Some 41% of Germans said they thought Trump was the most dangerous out of the five world leaders.

In second place was Kim with 17%, followed by Putin and Khamenei with 8%. Coming in last was China’s Xi with 7%.

Over 2,000 people in Germany took part in the survey, which was commissioned by news agency dpa.

8 thoughts on “Poll: Germans Think Trump More Dangerous Than Kim, Putin, and Xi. By a Lot”

  1. From the same people who thought Hitler was a swell guy and wasn’t a danger to anyone in the whole wide world.
    You remember,the world Chancellor Hitler tried to conquer.
    I see world history isn’t taught in Germany either.

  2. Most dangerous?
    How odd these pollsters are today . .. Why ask such a question in a poll about national leaders when none of them have plans to move to Germany.

  3. We spend half a century making sure the Soviets wouldn’t conquer them, while rebuilding their country into a modern industrial powerhouse, and THIS is the thanks we get?

    1. Very interesting. I lived in Germany (Berlin) for two years and, while I enjoyed it, was very glad to come back to the US. I found they have a different view of the world, the US, and life in general.

      1. Berlin? When, if you don’t mind me asking?

        Because if it was mid-to-late 80’s, the movie “Wings of Desire” is going to bring back a lot of memories, if you haven’t seen it already.

        1. I was in Berlin 1960-63, courtesy of our Uncle Sam…lived in Andrews Barracks, Lichterfelde area of Berlin; worked at Templehof airport. Great memories of the experience.

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