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Nancy Pelosi’s Christmas Prayer for President Trump

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims she prays for President Trump. Of course, nobody believes this.

But the White House Dossier investigative team was able to enter her church after Christmas services and find a copy of her prayer, for Donald Trump, still in her pew.

What follows is the prayer itself, appearing for the very first time here on White House Dossier.


Dear God, I offer this prayer for our president, Donald Trump . . .

I pray that, during the State of the Union, his teleprompter displays Google Map directions to Nova Scotia.

I pray that, despite overcooking his steaks, a bacteria survives in one of them, and makes him sick.

I pray that Santa leaves a lump of clean coal in his sock.

I pray that Melania leaves him for Stephen Miller.

I pray that because of global warming, Mar-a-Lago falls into the sea and washes up in some shithole country.

I pray that Steny Hoyer finally asks me out.

I’m sorry God, that’s the wrong prayer.

Back to Trump.

I pray that Jerry Nadler stops asking me out.

Okay, okay.

I pray that Rudy Giuliani keeps having too many glasses of red wine at the Trump Hotel before going on Fox News.

I pray that Auntie Maxine Waters rents the Lincoln Bedroom for two months.

I pray that he travels to my district in San Francisco and steps in human shit.

And I pray that he wins reelection, because then I can impeach him again and again and again.


Do you have any thoughts on the kinds of prayers Ms. Pelosi might offer for the president?

10 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi’s Christmas Prayer for President Trump”

  1. She probably prays that MrTrump would finally realize that they will never quit torturing him or his family until he resigns from office making MrPence the new POTUS.
    IMO, their never-ending assault on him is a form of torture, a despicable act.

  2. More prayers from Nancy . . .

    When it comes to the 2020 campaign, I pray that Trump adopts Hillary Clinton’s work ethic. That he develops a laugh like Kamala Harris. That his black support is more like Pete Boot-edge-edge. That he sounds cray-cray like that Beto guy. That his hair takes on a life like Bernie’s does. That his eyes bug-out like Sparticus. That he claims his mother told him as a child that the reason he has a big butt is that he is 1/1024th black. That is is found guilty of plagiarism and denies it like good ol’ crazy Uncle Joe. Oh – and that Trump fires Barr and hires Eric Holder (gosh – that would make life so much easier!).

    And finally, Santa (I mean God), I pray that cute Katie Hill finally asks me out.

  3. Oh yes our dear Heavenly Father I prey. Excuse me pray the good lord does not let any of those grimy illegal aliens anywhere near my many castles…unless they can mow the lawn and pick weeds. Just make sure they don’t make eye contact with me. This is my prayer Amen.

  4. I wonder what prayer does for her. It probably calms her and the act reassures her that she is a good person on the right path.

    Then she rises and goes off to perpetrate Dem lies.

  5. I pray there is a special place in Hell for Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, AOC, Sanders, Warren…and all the hate-filled, anti-American, communist loving Socialist ‘Democrats’ & their progressive supporters.

    So Say We All!

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