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Trump On Pelosi: She Hates All of the People Who Voted for Me

That is, she “deplores” them.

Maybe she prays for them too, you know, like she does for Trump.

I was so happy to see him call that out. Dispenses with the Washington BS.

3 thoughts on “Trump On Pelosi: She Hates All of the People Who Voted for Me”

  1. Put me in the minority – I believe her.
    I also believe that she is politically savvy enough to be dismayed at some of her fellow Dems who are way outside the norm. She didn’t want this impeachment because it puts so much negative attention on the Dems and exposes their reluctance to work with PresTrump.
    I’d guess she’d be thrilled to have her Dems go to town halls and rallies to brag about all of the major and wonderful changes to the economy and new jobs and a better everything rather they have legislated, than how awful MrTrump is as President.

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