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“Fish or Cut Bait”: Lindsey Graham Demands the Articles of Impeachment

Every circus has to end, no matter how much the clowns are enjoying themselves.

Sen. Lindsey Graham R-S.C., wants the Senate impeachment trial to get started. So, I suspect, do most Americans. Even more so, they want it to be over.

Nancy Pelosi has decided to monkey around and withhold the articles of impeachment, saying she wants to negotiate a fair trial in the Senate, after holding an unfair impeachment. She thinks they can’t start the trial without a formal transmittance of some kind.

Graham is done with it.

Please tell me why the Senate needs Adam Schiff to walk over with the articles of impeachment to hold a trial? As far as I’m concerned, he can walk them over to the Air and Space Museum and drop them in the Apollo 11 lunar module, it doesn’t matter. The House impeaches, the Senate holds a trial, that’s what the Constitution says.

As the Wall Street Journal notes:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to withhold the House articles of impeachment from the Senate, further trivializing a serious constitutional power and process. Senate Republicans seem content to play along while ridiculing her gambit, but they should take their own duties more seriously and hold a trial.

One emerging dodge seems to be that President Trump isn’t formally impeached until the articles are transmitted to the Senate. This is absurd. The House voted on two articles and passed them with a majority. The House broadcast this fact to the country along with more-in-sorrow-than-anger claims that they are doing their solemn constitutional duty. 

There’s nothing in the Constitution that says impeachment requires a formal transmittal of the articles to the Senate, whether by sedan chair or overnight FedEx, or that the House must appoint impeachment managers. The parchment merely says the House has sole power over impeachment and the Senate the sole power to try an impeachment. The act of impeachment is the vote.

What is the House going to do if the Senate just holds a trial. Say it wasn’t legitimate? Nobody’s going to listen or care.

Mitch, tell your orthopedist to find your spine, and then instruct John Roberts to gavel things to order first week in January.

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  1. Well, since we seem to have reached Twilight Zone levels of insanity, I guess I can say this is “submitted for your approval”:

    The Carnival Is Over, by Dead Can Dance.

    We can certainly hope, right? :/

    And yes, as you might expect, this one is one of my favorites from that particular band.

    Hope everyone has a good holiday, whichever one they observe.

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