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CNN: Poll Shows “Massive Movement Toward the President”

This pollster notes President Trump is faring better against the top Democrats and suggests it’s because three quarters of Americans think the economy is in good shape – more than 50 percent higher than the number who thought so during any point in the Obama administration.

Of course, there’s also the impeachment, which the Democrats have botched — and want to continue by stalling the Senate trial.

4 thoughts on “CNN: Poll Shows “Massive Movement Toward the President””

  1. Well when Noah Feldman questions this steaming pile of ‘you know what’ the entirety of this “impeachment “ is funky to the core. In addition, Nancy P needs a new set of Spanx..they just aren’t doing the job anymore .

  2. If the economy is so easy to get/keep going, why didn’t it take off under Obama? Maybe it was because he sucked at being the President.

    1. And that is the thing….. Here’s the campaign…

      1. The Dems say you can’t fix the economy
      2. Trump then fixes economy
      3. The Dems impeach him
      4. You want these folks (Dems) running the show?

      Ask yourself.. in the last year or in the next year….
      Will more people decide to hate him or realize that he is fixing things? I think it will be the latter… Fence sitters are going to go toward Trump.

      By 2024 — lots of people are going to forget how much of a worthless turd Obama was so at that point it will be harder to fight against the free-stuff brigade… but first 2020…

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