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WSJ’s Henninger: The IG Report Shows Obvious FBI Bias. Just Read It.

Dan Henninger, opinion writer for the Wall Street Journal, suggests the report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz shows no bias in the FBI investigation of Donald Trump — but only in the minds of the obtuse, Democrats, and their allies in the media.

And various combinations of the three, I presume.

According to his article:

Within minutes of the 434-page report’s release Monday, the generic media headline was that it “debunks” the idea that the FBI was guilty of political bias against Mr. Trump, as well as conservative “conspiracy theories” that there was a deep-state effort to get Mr. Trump. 

Whatever the Horowitz review of four FBI Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act applications and its Crossfire Hurricane investigation did or did not “debunk,” the report is mind-boggling, shocking and damning. It is page after page—indeed, paragraph after paragraph—detailing gross errors of judgment and violations of FBI investigation protocols. Everyone who purports to have an opinion about what has been going on in the U.S. the past 3½ years should at least read the report’s detailed executive summary and draw their own conclusions. 

Christopher Steele’s primary FBI handler even told the Horowitz investigators “it was obvious to him”—as early as July 2016—that the producer of the famous anti-Trump dossiers “was politically motivated.” 

True, Mr. Horowitz asserted no “documentary or testimonial evidence” of anti-Trump bias inside the borders of this investigation. But one has to be obtuse to read this report and not see its authors are incredulous at the idea that the only explanation possible is incompetence and misjudgment on an unimaginable scale by trained FBI professionals. As Mr. Horowitz puts it with almost bemused understatement, “We did not receive satisfactory explanations for the errors or problems we identified.” 

As it did with the Mueller report, the media is abandoning the actual content to push the public’s attention toward Attorney General William Barr’s “disagreements” with Mr. Horowitz. This is a sham issue, a red herring. 

In a better world than we’ve got now, the press—or some of it—would step back from the Trump-Barr obsessions and revisit its historic role of protecting individual freedoms from such raw, unaccountable government power.

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  1. Trump supporters and/or thinking adults know that the FBI, et al did all they could think up to remove him from office.
    Facts don’t lie.

  2. Keith. You are the sweetest of sweet to sum up this conglomeration of hell for us as my brain is going numb watching the walking dead in Congress (Doug Collins excluded) Jim Jordan too. I shall wake up tomorrow fresh and ready for more head bashing!

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