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Senate Republicans May Expedite Trial By Calling No Witnesses

We could be looking at just a couple of weeks here.

Senate Republicans are so confident of acquittal that they want to limit the whole show and may not call witnesses. At the very least, they won’t bring in Hunter Biden or the whistleblower, because some Republicans are opposed and they need 51 senators to call a witness.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Senate Republicans do not expect to call witnesses President Trump might want to hear from most in an impeachment trial, conceding there are not the votes to summon key figures such as Hunter Biden and the unidentified government whistleblower whose complaint sparked the process.

Senate impeachment rules require a majority vote to call witnesses, and with just two out of 53 votes to spare, there is no “appetite” among Republicans to pursue testimony from people that Democrats blocked Republicans from subpoenaing during the House investigation. Indeed, Republicans might forgo calling witnesses altogether, saying minds are made up on Trump’s guilt or innocence and that testimony at trial on the Senate floor would draw out the proceedings unnecessarily.

“Here’s what I want to avoid: this thing going on longer than it needs to,” Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told the Washington Examiner. “I want to end this.”

Top Republicans are leaning toward calling for a vote to acquit Trump immediately after House Democrats and the White House have delivered their arguments to head off partisan disagreements that might lengthen the trial.

“At that point, I would expect that most members would be ready to vote and wouldn’t need more information,” said John Barrasso of Wyoming, the No. 3-ranked Senate Republican. “Many people have their minds pretty well made up.”

That would amount to a slightly extended version of events (two weeks or so) of what some observers had once thought might occur, though was never seriously considered: Republicans holding no trial at all and simply voting to acquit.

13 thoughts on “Senate Republicans May Expedite Trial By Calling No Witnesses”

  1. Oh, brilliant strategy, guys. BRILLIANT.

    Why keep Sanders, Warren, Klobuchar, and the rest, off the hustings any longer than necessary? An extended trial would hamper their campaigns, and could possibly even end the run for one or two of the also-rans. But why bother playing hardball? Just dismiss the whole thing out of hand, and let the Democrats go straight back to their campaigns.

    And why bother with the trouble of putting the likes of Pencil-Neck, Plugs, E.C. McGreasy, and the other coup plotters under oath, in a proceeding where they can’t plead the Fifth, by the way, and trying to perjury-trap them, the way they and theirs did to General Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, et al.? They brought the long knives to the fight, but never mind that:
    why not just fall back on Marquess of Queensberry rules, and settle it civilly?

    And why waste the nation’s time with, oh I don’t know, actually presenting the facts of the matter to the People, and maybe even trying to present, say, even a token rebuttal, of all the leaks and lies to come out of the House? It’s not like voters really need information that confirms the wickedness of the political class, and its enablers in the Democrat Party, right?

    And why bother taking a serious look at Pencil-Neck’s malfeasance, and possibly uncovering actionable crimes, which could, with minimal effort on your part, lead to his expulsion from Congress, and potentially even get him imprisoned? Just get it over with, quickly and painlessly, and get on with government business as usual.

    Like I said, brilliant strategy, guys. Just BRILLIANT.


    1. Amen.
      This is why I do not trust todays Senate Republicans…They never show any ‘spine’ or ‘balls’ to play hard/dirty against the hate-filled, anti-USA Democrats-socialists.

  2. once again, no one is held accountable. this will happen again and next time they won’t fail. maybe the rinos are thinking if we just sweep it under the rug, the voters’ rage will subside by November and we can get an insider elected.

  3. “witness” to what, exactly? The phone call?
    Then the “obstruction”

    Good grief. Play it out, run it’s course, put everyone under oath, then just for fun call Comey and the whole rat traitor gang in for questioning. Put the whole swamp on trial, call up Obama and all his minions for explanations of what they knew. Bring Hillary into the Senate to explain where her emails went.
    Unravel the whole miserable, awful mess the Dems have made to destroy MrTrump.

    After the Super Bowl, we’ll be ready for some entertainment. Not much else to do in February.

  4. Well RNC & RNCC, just keep calling me and sending e-mail asking for contributions.
    The e-mails I just send to spam, ahhhhhh, but the phone calls.
    Who’ll get tired first?
    Me telling you to “bugger off” or you hearing me say that.
    No witnesses, grand strategy of losers.

  5. Bill Barr is going to drill down to the truth about the Deep State. Far more than the useful idiots Pelosi, Schiff,Nadler etc We are talking globalists who want to destroy the United States with open borders and shredding our Constitution. Look at the big picture . Don’t waiver. George Soros is hoping you do.. as a mom I never will.

  6. Gutless Republicans, how very typical. The demrats deserve to be drawn and quartered and their miserable carcasses left for the rats. Don’t let the scum get away with this, there may not be another chance to hang these traitorous rat bastards.

  7. These people still do not see that Trump is their best asset. They think the Repub party can sail forward without him.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. He called you out and like resentful kids, you whine that you did nothing wrong.

    I’m phoning my Repub Senator this morning to say what I think of this “high road” strategy that actually is the abandonment of Trump.

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