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Trump Policy Works: Illegal Crossings from Mexico Decline for Sixth Month in a Row

Where is all the reporting that President Trump has succeeded with his pressure on Mexico to get tough with all the migrants crossing its borders to get to the United States?

From the Washington Examiner:

The number of people who illegally crossed the southern border or arrived at a port of entry to claim asylum has declined for a sixth consecutive month since peaking at the height of the humanitarian crisis in May.

Acting U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan announced Monday that 42,649 people were apprehended or showed up to claim asylum along the U.S.-Mexico border in November. That number is down from more than 144,116 in May.

The number of arrests has dropped significantly since Mexico deployed more federal police and military to the United States and Guatemalan borders to deter illegal immigration after President Trump followed through on a threat to impose tariffs on Mexican imports if the country did not take action.

The Trump administration also began turning away asylum seekers arriving at border crossings, limiting the number of people who can present their cases per day. It then implemented the Migrant Protection Protocols, which mandate the large majority of asylum seekers be returned to Mexico while their case waits to be heard by a U.S. federal immigration judge.

The number had dropped to 104,311 in June, 81,777 in July, 62,707 in August, 52,546 in September, and 45,250 in October. It is now on par with the usual number of monthly encounters of people on the southern border.

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  1. 45+thousand is still too many.
    We can be sure that these illegals will never be American citizens, most will never speak English or be employable in today’s economy.

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