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The Obamas Buy a $12M Home on Martha’s Vineyard

The Vineyard, of course, is where they would take two weeks a year in the summers when Barack Obama was president.

Now they can be on vacation all the time. Thirty acres, secluded — no riff raff — seven bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, and 7,000 square feet.

Seems by the state of the country after Obama left office that he was pretty much on vacation most of the time during his presidency too. Or at least, nobody was home, you could say.

According to the Vineyard Gazette:

Former President Obama and his family are now permanent homeowners on Martha’s Vineyard, after completing the purchase today of a large home situated on nearly 30 acres in the coastal perimeter of Edgartown.

The purchase price, recorded at 3:31 p.m. with the Registry of Deeds,  is listed at $11.75 million. The buyer is a nominee trust representing the former First Family. The sellers are Wycliffe Grousbeck and Corinne Basler Grousbeck. Mr. Grousbeck is a private equity investor and owner of the Boston Celtics basketball team.

The sprawling 6,892-square-foot house sits on 29.3 secluded acres fronting the Edgartown Great Pond between Slough Cove and Turkeyland Cove, with views of a barrier beach and the ocean beyond. 

9 thoughts on “The Obamas Buy a $12M Home on Martha’s Vineyard”

  1. Barack Obama, son of an American citizen and a Kenyan citizen, raised by his grandparents and an Indonesian stepfather. He attended the finest schools, was the darling of Chicago Dems who first elected him to a state office, then the US Senate, and onward and up to the Presidency. The Nobel Peace Prize was granted in anticipation of his agenda.
    The American dream.
    Now a very wealthy middle-aged man with nothing to do, Obama flounders looking for a meaning to his life. He’s done it all, there’s no prize waiting to be claimed.

    He’ll spend summers in a huge mansion in the middle of 30 acres. Nothing to look at but a bland ocean and shrubbery. No passing cars, no neighbors to wave at, just a quiet pasture outside his windows. Once cheered by thousands of admirers, feted by the famous and influential, the only sound he’ll hear in the summer is that of crickets buzzing in his vast yard.

    1. Obama is the type of personality who needs constant affirmations–atta-boys, well done, Barry, you are terrific, you’re just amazing, etc. This life of solitude, staring at the ocean and fields will soon lose its charm for him. He needs adoring crowds, lots of limelight, an audience’s applause. The life of even relative solitude is not for him. So we’ll see how long this fantasy lasts.

  2. All jokes aside, I wonder why the house is set so far back from the shore? It may not have beach access, which makes me wonder why it’s so expensive if so.

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