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Trump Just Using Impeachment Hearings as a Warm-Up Act for Reelection

President Trump is playing the Democrats quite nicely, and the result is that the hearings have only solidified his support. Democrats have moved the needle not one bit, and things are only going to get worse for them.

From an opinion piece I have running today on the NBC News website:

The public phase of the House impeachment proceedings, which President Donald Trump’s critics predicted would finally begin his removal, or at least his political destruction, instead became a dry run for his 2020 re-election campaign. Trump emerged from the first set of hearings most likely headed for impeachment in the House of Representatives and exoneration in the Senate. But they also proved that his favorite tactics still work and are ready to be deployed relentlessly during next year’s presidential race.

Trump will likely continue to sear the Washington establishment and the bureaucracy — which seems unaware it is far less popular with the public than it is with itself.

Trump will likely continue to sear the Washington establishment and the bureaucracy — which seems unaware it is far less popular with the public than it is with itself. He will deploy his usual vivid character assassination against opponents, skillfully highlighting any questionable behavior that might suggest they deserve it.

He will also undoubtably issue more charges that the media has cast aside any pretense of objectivity, instead delivering “fake news.” He seems prepared to use all this to ignite his base, which he will spend less time “expanding,” as the experts constantly counsel, and more time getting supporters to the polls on Election Day.

After weeks of sequestered run-throughs, Trump’s impeachment show finally opened Nov. 14 in Capitol Hill’s grandest theater, the cavernous assembly room usually used by the Ways and Means Committee, for a series of matinee performances. The featured witnesses recited the narrative of how Trump withheld aid from Ukraine in what Democrats said was a quid pro quo — later revised by some lawmakers as “bribery” when that line seemed to fall flat — in exchange for investigations of his political opponents. Dialogue from Trump himself was cited, albeit as overheard by an eavesdropper on a phone call.

You can check out the rest of the article here.

8 thoughts on “Trump Just Using Impeachment Hearings as a Warm-Up Act for Reelection”

  1. I dunno anymore.
    We’re talking football, Christmas, winter vacations, how much snow can fall in one place, and not politics.

    I read your piece, it’s really good.
    Interesting times we live in now.

    1. Yup…coming right out of Thanksgiving into the Christmas season, the reaction I’m getting today is “They’re still doing this?” – no one is talking about it beyond that.

  2. Agree with others here. Most serious, thinking, aware people have figured out that this “impeachment” soap opera, including this morning’s performance by so-called “experts” is boring and with no substance whatsoever. It’s like a parade with no one watching or listening to the marching band playing. There’s no there there. We all know that the goal of this current political moonbatttery is to destroy Trump’s 2020 re-election. It won’t work. Trump’s polls hover around 50% +/- 1 or 2 percentage points–higher than Obama’s ratings at the same point in his administration.

    1. And that, despite the discrepancy in media coverage.

      The press, for the most part, couldn’t praise Wicked King Barry enough. Bernie Goldberg’s book on the subject was called “A Slobbering Love Affair,” and that’s not inaccurate. Though I would suggest that Obeyme’s press clippings read less like a sweet romance novel, and more like a compilation of rejected Penthouse letters.

      Trump, meanwhile, has deranged the American press into acting so batshit crazy that Piers fucking Morgan now sounds like a voice of sanity. The man simply can’t get a fair shake from the media.

      So for Trump to be tracking ahead of Zero, despite that, is something that future historians are bound to examine. Especially if, as it appears, the 2020 election results in a GOP landslide.

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