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Trump Ditches Press Conference and Headed Home After NATO Allies Mock Him

European leaders, led by Canada’s Justin Trudeau, laughed behind his back. Bad idea.

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Trump cut short his attendance at a NATO leaders’ meeting on Wednesday afternoon, canceling a planned press conference after other leaders were caught on camera giggling about his extended question-and-answer sessions with journalists.

Instead, Trump tweeted that after two successful days, his meetings with Denmark and Italy would be his final events.

“We won’t be doing a press conference at the close of NATO because we did so many over the past two days,” he wrote. “Safe travels to all!”

Trump appears to be mocking back, since the European leaders joked about him staging too many de facto “press conferences” Tuesday.

Here’s video of what drew Trump’s anger.

Trump called Trudeau “two faced.”

10 thoughts on “Trump Ditches Press Conference and Headed Home After NATO Allies Mock Him”

  1. The media joined in with the mocking and then lost their press conference. Serves them right. Yesterday he announced the G7 next year would be at Camp David, which the media hate, due to its remoteness. Good.

    1. The media/left raised hell when the President suggested Mar Lago, so now it will be at Camp David. Now they have a 45 minute bus ride. No accommodations there;)

  2. Macron and Trudeau are hard core Leftists with waning support in their own countries. Macron in particular is in deep trouble, politically, in his country. Their opinion of President Trump isn’t worth a farthing.

  3. As a Canadian I am embarrassed that our Prime Minister is nothing but an immature, pathetic little soyboy @ssh0le who, once again, is a joke on the world stage. I wish we had a leader like President Trump.

    1. President Trump is a unique individual in a hundred different ways. Most of the traditional corporate media and Washington politicians just don’t “get” him and never will. He is different from what they expect of a politician or a President and that difference, in the minds of much of the media and Democrats, and that makes them uncomfortable and nervous–because he’s not predictable or easy to analyze. Therefore, he is to be torn down, mocked and destroyed, if possible so the angst of the media and Democrats can be appeased. Trump just doesn’t fit the mold they’ve created for a President and it scares them. And yet, in the face of all that resistance from the media, fanatic Democrats, deep state actors, President Trump survives, even flourishes, and gets a lot done for the American people and the country, and that drives the anti-Trumpers crazy

  4. This is delicious. Foreign elitist leaders, most of whom are unpopular at home as it is, mocking the president of a country whose economy is roaring along and who remains more popular outside the left and lefter coasts than the media thinks. Yeah, that’ll go over well in middle America and should be worth a dozen or so extra electoral college votes come November 2020.

  5. Get ready for some pay 2% of GDP on their OWN defense….

    Trump is not going to let this slip by…


    — A nation across the pond does not have to like us or respect us but they better fear us…. Trump is the embodiment of that.

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