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Trump Suggests He Will Inflict Tariffs on NATO Allies Who Don’t Pay Up

It’s incredible that the allies we protect have been able to get away with not paying their fair share for defense while they spend instead on their elaborate socialist schemes.

Meantime, American taxpayers are stuck with the bill. President Trump is making sure that doesn’t happen.

And there’s another principle involved in addition to fairness. If the Europeans don’t have skin in the game, they won’t play as hard. And we need NATO to confront not only Russia, but China and the other threats the West faces.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump threatened to use trade as a weapon against NATO allies who fail to pay their share of defense costs, as world leaders gathered in London to mark the alliance’s 70th anniversary.

Trump has frequently accused members of leaving the United States to shoulder the burden of defense costs. He takes credit for cajoling more members to meet their commitment of spending 2% of gross domestic product on defense.

“NATO is becoming different than it was, bigger than it was, much stronger than it was because people are now fulfilling their commitments. There are some counties that aren’t fulfilling their commitment, and those countries are going to be dealt with,” Trump said.

“Maybe I’ll deal with them from trade standpoint, maybe I’ll deal with them in a different way. I’ll work something out.”

Nine of the alliance’s 29 members now meet the target. All are committed to meeting it by 2024.

4 thoughts on “Trump Suggests He Will Inflict Tariffs on NATO Allies Who Don’t Pay Up”

  1. Good.
    If things keep moving as they have in the recent past, the NATO states will be overcome by their own residents – the Muslim groups.
    They don’t see it, of course.

  2. He also said the 2% of GPM was low. It should be more like 4%. Another thing is the 2% is for the current budget. They should be paying for the past times they failed to paid up.

    Also, last week Trump made the comment the USA has guaranteed the security of 94 nations. How many are guaranteeing the US’s security.

      1. Factor in the US House, Senate and President it is at best 2/3 of a nation….

        Ridiculous that with the trillions of dollars spent on such stupid things over the years that these people — including Reagan — could not get a fence up to slow down/keep out people that don’t belong here… Disgusting….

        BTW, Reagan was hailed by the right — look at the friend he had in Tip O’Neil — the getting along thing got us nothing. I love the in-yo-face of this current president. Tough as nails and not willing to take crap from any nation.

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