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Trump: Adam Schiff is “a Deranged Human Being”

Also a “maniac” and a “very sick man.”

I’ll bet he knows this pisses Schiff off a lot. I think it does. Schiff seems like one of those prickly, uptight sorts who don’t like to be questioned too much. One of Trump’s great talents is knowing exactly how to get under someone’s skin.

5 thoughts on “Trump: Adam Schiff is “a Deranged Human Being””

  1. We were watching when Schiff read what he wished was on the telephone tape of MrTrump and the President of Ukraine.
    IMO, men like Schiff don’t really know how businessmen talk to others – workers or associates, or even enemies. It’s usually ‘ I’ll give you this and you will do/give that until the deal is done.’
    Professional politicians are used to promising to do something for someone to get their vote or their money, but the promise is always iffy and it’s understood.
    In business, there is no “iffy”, something is promised or else.
    Schiff doesn’t even understand the ways of an organized crime figure, either. No mafia type would ever say the things Schiff claimed MrTrump said to the Ukraine guy, no way. He’s obviously watched too many bad movies.
    The fact is that MrTrump knew that about two dozen people were listening to the phone call, and probably another two dozen people from the Ukraine.
    The phone call was not what the Dems were hoping. No amount of spin or deceit will change that.

  2. That’s what we like about Trump. He gives back exactly what the fanatic Dems throw at him. He zings them back fast and hard. And they don’t like it one bit.

  3. Wow! I’m looking forward to next Saturday’s Greg Gutfeld Show on Fox. Tom Shillue should have some great new impressions of Adam Schiff! Wow!

    1. Have you noticed the makeup gets more and more pronounced with each passing week? Greg Gutfield is hysterical as is Tom Shillue. In most cases he also has a great panel. Would love to see one of Greg Gutfield’s performances when he tours.

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