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Happy Thanksgiving!

White House Dossier will not publish today. I hope you have a great day.

I’d say I’ll be eating too much today, but that would not make the day particularly unique for me. I’m not usually to be found terribly inebriated, though, and that certainly could happen today.

Which means a Thanksgiving rant is not out of the question, though it’s unlikely, as it is more likely to be delivered to an unfortunate family member than to all of you!

Thanks for reading.


8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!”

    1. “Eat, drink, and be snarky” — LOL, srdem!

      I hope everyone has a satisfying Thanksgiving Day — not everyone has family or the other elements that traditionally make up the day, but we can all have a good day and that is what I wish for my WHD friends.

  1. Aww, what’s wrong with a little drunkblogging? You’re no fun.

    I kid, I kid. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    And hey, a food coma’s actually not a bad lead-in to getting plenty of rest for all tomorrow’s various retail fistivities.

      1. Take heart. Snow in the AZ high country is liquid “gold” for us in the desert come spring time.
        Without the snow, well, it wouldn’t be nice living here.

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