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How Nancy Pelosi Played . . . The Democrats

I know a lot of you have contempt for Nancy Pelosi. And certainly, there’s plenty that’s contemptible. But I also find her to be a very sharp political operator, and in some ways I’ve got a lot of respect for her. A woman who raised a bunch of kids and then went into politics and achieved the pinnacle of power in the House. I think President Trump respects her too.

Pelosi never wanted to move forward with impeachment. She understood the whole thing is a political loser, and that Trump is not going to be removed.

But once the Ukraine call emerged, it became clear to her that she could not resists demands from the left to move ahead. And so she did.

But think of what she gave them: Impeachment light. They have called no witnesses with direct knowledge that Trump demanded a quid pro quo from the Ukrainians for an investigation of Joe Biden and his hopeless son Hunter.

So there’s no way, as a legal matter, they can get a conviction in the Senate, even if people don’t like what Trump did. It’s hearsay and second-hand information. They don’t have the evidence that would prevail in a court of law, nor with the “jury” that the Senate becomes after impeachment next month.

Calling witness with direct knowledge like Rudy Giuliani and Mick Mulvaney would have taken months as their challenges are considered in the courts and dragged this on for too long, well into the Democratic primary season. And the Senate trial might not have been done until April or May, which would severely beg the question of why Democrats are removing a president just a few months before an election.

So instead, she has pleased the base by at least going through the motions of impeachment. The Senate trial will be quick, and the damage to Democrats will be minimized.

So everyone in the Democratic party is happy, and Democrats get to return the focus to their candidates – remember them? – by February.

Pretty smart work with the bad hand she was dealt.

5 thoughts on “How Nancy Pelosi Played . . . The Democrats”

  1. I agree. The impeachment “inquiry” shut up a lot of screaming Dems.
    re MrsPelosi: There’s no way not to be impressed with her political acumen and her staying power.
    Through it all, she has kept her feminine ways- sorry, that sounds sexist, but the point is that being strong and effective doesn’t mean a woman has to present as a hardened truck-driver shouting insults and profanity( as some Dem women do).

  2. I find Nancy a mental lightweight, and like Dingy Harry, without morals. But she’s a mental heavyweight as leader of the Democratic party as she pulls the strings for the mentally lightweight leaders of the left and black caucus, and the voters.

    I still think AOC & the squad are a pretty even match for her.

  3. I’m not so sure about that.

    Let’s take as a given, that the case ends up in the Senate.

    Will Cocaine Mitch quickly put the kibosh on the proceedings? Or will he drag them out?

    If the trial gets dragged out for weeks, or even months, that would effectively take Warren, Sanders, Harris, and Booker–am I forgetting anyone?–out of play.

    And since Creepy Joe is at the center of the whole brouhaha, they could even keep him on a short leash, as well, especially with the accelerating allegations against his son.

    So, most of the top contenders could be forced off the hustings. Three possible outcomes:

    A) One of the senators still sews up the nomination, but their lack of fundraising forces the DNC to concentrate its money at the top of the ticket. The damage down-ballot, would be extreme.

    B) A current also-ran, rockets up the depth chart. In the absence of the top tier, Mayor Pete, or Tulsi, or Marianne, suddenly becomes the de facto “not-Biden.” How that scenario would play out is anyone’s guess, but I doubt it’s a net positive.

    C) A Johnny-come-lately jumps in and wins the nomination (e.g., Bloomberg, Commie Bill, Rahmbo, Cacklepants). Base voters cry foul coming out of the convention, and sit out in November of 2020.

    Now consider the damning evidence that would be presented, drip-drip-drip style; the bad actors that could be subpoenaed; and the further delays that could result, if the same choose to fight the subpoenas.

    The Senate could do structural damage to the Democrats, if they play their cards right.

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