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Democrats to Make One Last Try to Sway the Public on Impeachment

Well, it’s clear now even to the Democrat-aligned media that the impeachment hearings were a bust. They failed to increase support at all for removing President Trump.

Not enough people, apparently, believe that Trump’s shenanigans with the Ukrainians were bad enough to send him from the West Wing back to Trump Tower, given that in the end they got their missiles and nobody investigated Biden. And given that Biden probably does need investigating.

Anyway, Democrats are going to give it one more try with impeachment hearings in the Judiciary Committee next week! Those will be led by Jerry Nadler of New York, who is so unappealing that Nancy Pelosi decided she had to give the main show to the Intelligence Committee and Adam Schiff, who is only slightly less uncharismatic.

According to Politico:

House Democrats have one final shot to drive up public support for impeachment, with a slate of hearings in the House Judiciary Committee beginning next week. 

But even Democratic lawmakers acknowledge public sentiment might be impossible to move in the weeks before an anticipated historic House vote on impeaching President Donald Trump. 

“I think people have made up their minds on this in a lot of ways,” said Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.), a member of the House Judiciary Committee. “But I think, frankly, what should drive us is the evidence and the facts and our oath of office.”

4 thoughts on “Democrats to Make One Last Try to Sway the Public on Impeachment”

  1. Pretty incredible. The irony, if they just didn’t go forward, maybe tried the censure avenue, those running for President or public office could move on and not have this hanging over their head. The electorate may actually forget about it. You’ll never move the radical fringe who want him impeached, but the average American will move on. I was getting my hair done the other day. My hairdresser had no idea until a day or two before my appointment that there were impeachment hearings going on. She has too many other things – works, has two minor children, has family commitments. Her husband mentioned it the other day because he commutes and listens to talk radio. She is not stupid – just has far more important stuff going on. Her words – there’s some possible truth on each side but the real truth is somewhere in the middle.

  2. Love the style… bring some crap on me I’m gonna rub your nose in it…

    You know… way way way off topic… I bet that if Trump were elected president in 1912 the US would have ended WW1 without a single US soldier having to go over the top to a hail of German bullets… Trump just seems to know how to get stuff done and win…. watch your wall go up… watch NATO members start paying… Watch other nations know that we are not their sugar-daddy.

    The Millenials will never understand how good this guy is for them….

  3. By their constant barrage of nonsense the leftist Dems have destroyed their own party, plus they have not accomplished a darn thing except wasting the tax-payers money and time, they are now a pitiful laughing stock.

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