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Video || White House Goes on Lockdown for 30 Minutes

A small plane violated the local airspace Tuesday morning, and the White House was out on lockdown.

I wasn’t there, but during the first moments of such a thing, there’s usually confusion about what is happening, and it can be a little scary. Sometimes the lack of information can persist for quite a while.

President Trump and Mrs. Trump are at the White House. Not clear to me if they were taken wherever they get taken during a threat, somewhere deep below the White House. Stocked, I presume with enough Big Macs to last for several months.

Capitol Hill was also evacuated.

I was once evacuated from the White House during such a moment, along with all the staff, with people shouting at us to run. Not pleasant.

3 thoughts on “Video || White House Goes on Lockdown for 30 Minutes”

  1. IMO, shoot first, ask questions later.
    Anyone smart enough to get a pilots license knows that flying over or near the White House is forbidden.

    Speaking for no one but moi, it’s time to push back, meet violence with violence, and let the crazed, rabid Dems know their years of terrorizing and demeaning Repubs, Pro-Lifers, and anyone supporting the POTUS is OVER.

  2. Yikes! Thank God it was not a threat. That is a scary situation.

    And Keith, I’m glad you weren’t there to have to go through it again!

    Does “Lockdown” mean they intended all those people to just stay there to become part of the wreckage if it had been an attack of some kind? I certainly hope not. I am very opposed to “lockdowns”, and don’t understand why martial-law-by-bureaucrat was introduced and accepted universally without any debate.

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