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Some Democrats Getting Cold Feet on Impeachment

It’s increasingly looking like the only thing bipartisan about the impeachment process will be the vote against it.

The Democrats don’t have sufficient evidence of bad behavior to remove a president. Enough Americans understand this, and Democrats in swing districts are wondering if their 2018 victories are about to be reversed if they support impeachment.

Republicans are unified against this. Even ones who are retiring and have no reason to be afraid of Donald Trump. The president’s polls are going up, while support for impeachment is going down.

And the Democrats, in their infinite wisdom, picked about the most unappealing politician they could find to lead this thing, the dour, self-righteous, and proven liar Adam Schiff.

Unless they find out that Trump shot someone of Fifth Avenue – or at least, Madison Avenue – this isn’t working for them.

7 thoughts on “Some Democrats Getting Cold Feet on Impeachment”

  1. Polling: It’s started already.
    Last night, a pollster got me in a good mood. I participated and told the truth (for once).
    The questions were interesting – not just what I think about MrTrump, but what I think about MrsPelosi and Schumer, too. ??
    How about the Dem candidates, what did I think about them. Other than saying that Biden should retire, I had no real opinion of the others that was positive.

    The pollster knew I was a registered Dem. Another odd question was this – What do you think about the Dem PARTY? I told the truth that I don’t know what they are anymore, what they propose or who’s leading all of it.

  2. The GOP released a list of witnesses in case there is a trial in the Senate. Tops of the list is Joe Biden then the whistle blower. Then they go on Obama, Valeria, Podesta, ex Attorney Lynch, and other top Dems in the Obama Administration. I think cooler heads in the Dem Party do not want any of this to happen.

      1. As a side note to this. 3 of the squad has ethics problems with their campaign funds. Omar, Tlaib and AOC. The Muslims’ CAIR has a goal of putting 30 Muslims in Congress.

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