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Dershowitz Says Trump Does Not Deserve to be Impeached

Poor Alan Dershowitz. Getting set for another summer of snubs on Martha’s Vineyard. But he’s a man of principle, even if he will no longer gets invited to the right parties.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz claimed Democrats are running an illegitimate impeachment process and that President Trump does not deserve to be removed from office.

“I’m a liberal Democrat,” Dershowitz said on Mark Levin’s radio program Thursday. “And I’m on the side of Donald Trump on this issue.”

“There’s no crime there,” he said. “You can argue that maybe there is an abuse of the foreign policy, but there is no crime there.”

Dershowitz lamented a chorus of former federal prosecutors on cable television who are interpreting the current impeachment proceedings in a politically convenient way.

“They’re just partisan political operatives or spokespeople who just make the law come out the way they want it to,” he said. “I’ve become very unpopular among my liberal friends because I’m telling it the way I’ve always told it.”

2 thoughts on “Dershowitz Says Trump Does Not Deserve to be Impeached”

  1. How did this all start, how did it happen?
    People shun life-long friends and even family because they support the “wrong” candidate or don’t support some idea of how we all should behave or live.
    We didn’t physically attack a stranger for wearing a certain ball cap or planning to attend a speech by someone, we didn’t ask people we know who support the opposition to leave the restaurant or store, we just didn’t do that.
    Americans didn’t expect people of a religious faith to go against their beliefs, we respected them.
    We allowed some verbal jabbing, some snark, maybe rolled our eyes, but we were one when things got tough.
    MrDershowitz is a well known and respected scholar and lawyer. He should be welcomed in every social setting no matter what he believes to be true.

    1. “Punch back twice as hard”…”They bring a knife, we bring a gun”…”Argue with neighbors, get in their face”…need more?

      Bush 43, in hindsight, spent eight years being too much of a pussy to crack down on violent rhetoric from the Left; Obama then spent the next eight years encouraging it, picking every scab and fanning every fire he could.

      If there’s any other explanation, and one which Occam’s razor doesn’t cut into confetti, I’m unaware of it.

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