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Biden Can’t Defend Himself as He Gets Heat at His Own Rally

Biden just looks like a tired old man here. All he wants to do is deport people who have committed felonies, but his audience thinks even that is going too far.

I love when Democrats have to deal with the crazy people among their constituents.

Elizabeth Warren has the same problem during one of her recent events. Fortunately, Rep. Ayanna Pressley also speaks crazy and was on hand to calm the situation.

13 thoughts on “Biden Can’t Defend Himself as He Gets Heat at His Own Rally”

  1. He is a tired old man. I’m 83 and a political junkie. I have been watching his gaffes, plagiarism, hair plugs, facelifts, dentures,lies, errors, and zig-zags for as long as I can remember!

  2. 77 – will be 78 by 1-20-21…… Biden is old…..well rested from accomplishing little in 50 years….but I guess all that talking as a senator/vp wore him out. Senate since 1973… what kind of perspective can any person have that live an entire life in such a bubble?

    Reagan was younger at the time he LEFT office….. btw….

  3. Age isn’t Biden’s only issue; he spent the last decade doing nothing, only repeating what someone wrote, and pretending that he was an important part of the Obama regime.

    He is two generations past the young radical, loud-mouthed Dem base.
    This isn’t his Dem party anymore.

    1. The Dem party now is the brownshirts of the ’30s. Cry ‘racist!’ and turn them loose.
      Or Monty Python “She’s a Witch!”. Same mentality.

      1. To be fair to Joe Biden… He was a crappy candidate in 1988 and 2008 with foot-in-mouth disease back then….or whenever he sort of ran…

        But a hellavu VP.. follows the recipe for Democrats… boring people…

        Gore, Lieberman, Biden and Kaine — John Edwards seemed like the exception — well spoken, etc. (and that ‘etc’ covers a lot for Edwards, as we all know) —

        Kaine of course is more creepy than boring — said it before – Biden would have been a good VP for Hillary — might have kept PA, MI and WI in play with Joe’s folksy crap about the working people and being 4 years younger then not as feeble… more time to skinny dip in front of the Secret Service… more hair sniffing… more swearing in ceremonies with little kids… Joe blew it… could have been the longest serving VP in US history…

        And remember.. just because I haven’t kicked that worthless turd Paul Ryan in the shins lately, remember that this dork lost a battle of wits with Joe Biden in a VP debate.

  4. He thought it was “his turn.”

    I can’t bar to watch this terrible spectacle of a man, no longer strong enough to be even a bad candidate, forced to continue to campaign because he and his son are swamp creatures with a shameful past in government. If he quits, he’ll lose that shiny candidate status that Dems say protects him from investigation and prosecution.

    I guess, really, it’s a fitting punishment, isnt’ it?

  5. I think it’s interesting that Pressley is considered by the MSM to be one of the Squats, but she distances herself. Does she see that they are so extreme that she finds them crazy? Or is she keeping her minority card clean and sharp — no muddling it with the problems and general pronouncements of the united oppressed groups? She sure whips out the Ebonics in this little speech and her crowd goes nuts. I think she knows she can ride further alone on the black ticket that with what front-row membership among the Squats will give her.

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