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Chris Cuomo Tries To Prove Trump Wrong and Has an “OJ Tries on the Glove” Moment

President Trump said he could only overhear people on speaker phone, seeking to rebut that a witness could have overheard his telephone conversation with Gordon Sondland.

Chris Cuomo thought up a stunt to prove him wrong. The stunt went straight off the rails.

4 thoughts on “Chris Cuomo Tries To Prove Trump Wrong and Has an “OJ Tries on the Glove” Moment”

  1. What a crock! Every American is aware that their cell phones (and every conversation) is monitored by the government, so we can assume that any call made by the POTUS is recorded, examined, and put into a document available to people who may or not be friendly to him.
    The witness is lying about eavesdropping on a phone call, IMO. He has probably been briefed on what exactly the POTUS said on that day.

  2. Fredo & Dana lie and says Dana Bash could hear his mom from 2 feet away. She couldn’t.

    And who is that old geezer that thinks your ear can accidentally turn on a speakerphone? Quick! Get him 2 cans and a string!

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