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Trump Says He Might Testify in Impeachment Probe

Well, he won’t, unless things start to go wrong for him. There’s no need for him to do so, given that he is not going to be convicted by the Senate. He could only screw things up.

And of course, he repeatedly said he was thinking of chatting with special prosecutor Robert Mueller, but he never went ahead with that, wisely.

But President Trump is not one to back away from a challenge, so when Nancy Pelosi called on him to testify, he told her to be careful what you wish for.

5 thoughts on “Trump Says He Might Testify in Impeachment Probe”

  1. He’ll strongly consider it, before saying no.
    It’s just how the game is played.

    And by responding as he did, he gets to take the spotlight off Nancy Pelosi, play up his agenda, point out what a dumpster fire the present Congress is, and, oh yeah, show Pelosi up as (in poker terms) an any-two donk artist.

    All while risking absolutely nothing.

    And yet they still think he’s an idiot. The man’s read Sun Tzu, and it shows.

  2. Pelosi might be trying to salvage the Schiff disaster, but suppose MrTrump does agree to sit before the committee?
    He’ll arrive with a 10page opening statement outlining the corrupt Bidens, Pelosi’s son, and every other Dem involved in skimming money from a Ukraine company. There will be at least 4 attorneys sitting next to him ready to object to anything they don’t like, the Repubs on the committee will have their script and the Dems will look like whipped puppies when it’s over.
    Pelosi forgets that MrTrump is not like the Repubs she is used to bullying. Not at all.

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