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Democrats’ New Line that Trump is Guilty of “Bribery” Shows That They are Losing

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Quid pro quo is out. Bribery and other criminal terms are in.

That’s because Democrats understand that the whole impeachment drama is not taking hold with enough of the public.

They have described President Trump as attempting a quid-pro-quo with Ukraine — upholding money trying to get Ukraine to do investigations into activities that involved Democrats, including Joe Biden and his dissolute son Hunter. If this is true, it’s bad, he shouldn’t do that. But there is no way Democrats are going to get a substantial majority of Americans, nor the Senate, to agree that this justifies removing a duly elected president from office. It’s not criminal, and it’s not the worst thing in the world.

And so now they’ve started using terms like “bribery,” which is not only a crime but one of the reasons listed in the constitution for impeachment. This not only shows desperation, it’s an utter lie.

First of all, this is not exactly a bribe. Bribery is offering something in exchange for action. Trump was, allegedly, withholding something in exchange for an action. There’s a difference. The money had been allocated by Congress. If Trump got his donors together or found some other federal accounts to provide money to the Ukrainians in exchange for something without the involvement of Congress, that would have been a bribe.

What’s more, the Democrats are criminalizing foreign policy. Is it possible that if a president withholds aid from a country in exchange for some action, the president is bribing the country? This kind of thing is done all the time. You get the aid if you meet certain conditions.

Are sanctions bribery?

Sheesh. Get out of the way while you can of the assembly line of presidents who are going to be impeached under these rationales.

Democrats have a bad hand, and Nancy Pelosi has known this all along. By March, Trump will have some excellent talking points, traveling around the country talking about how he has been vindicated by the Senate on “fake” charges by House Democrats.

Meantime, serious damage has been done. Democrats have spent three years trying to oust Trump. He has been unduly distracted from performing the most important duty in the land, serving as president. Enough Americans will recognize this to reelect him, make sure that at least the Senate does not fall into Democratic hands, and maybe even give the House back to Republicans.

11 thoughts on “Democrats’ New Line that Trump is Guilty of “Bribery” Shows That They are Losing”

  1. Yes, the fanatic Democrats have mounted a full court press to declare Trump a criminal. One example: earlier today, I was watching the UK’s Sky News and lo and behold there was Hillary Clinton being interviewed today in Wales. Swansea University in Wales renamed its law school after Hillary Clinton in 2017 (I’m not kidding) and they were interviewing her about how she felt about that, etc.

    And what did Hillary say in the middle of that interview today? As a loyal Democrat, Hillary wanted everyone in the UK to know that President Trump had violated US law and has “no respect whatsoever for the US Constitution”.

    So yes, she’s peddling, internationally, an anti-Trump propaganda campaign describing him as essentially a criminal who needs to be brought to justice.

    One wonders if she ever gives herself an honest look in the mirror.

  2. The Dems think that Americans understand “bribery” and we do.
    Bribery is paying someone to do something ILLEGAL, but MrTrump didn’t pay anyone to do anything, legal or not.
    We ‘bribe’ the traffic cop to ignore what we did, we ‘bribe’ the government flunkie to ignore our illegal trash pile in the back yard, so, yeah, we know bribery.

    ot: sorta
    What exactly does the former ambassador to the Ukraine have to add to this inquiry?
    It’s not clear what she has to do with anything.
    One thing is clear, though; she is the epitome of the government employee who believes their input or opinion is important and they should be employed for their whole lifetime.

  3. Rejected names from Pencil-Neck’s witness list:

    The California Raisins, because they heard it through the grapevine;

    Fleetwood Mac, who did an entire album about Rumors;

    Adele, because Rumor Has It she has info that could make the Skyfall;

    Green Day, because of, you know, Things I Heard Today;

    and finally, Bonnie Raitt, who would have given us something to talk about.

  4. Complete rubbish. No point at all in having the former ambassador/still employed by the government person to testify because her feelings got hurt and her reputation git tarnished. So what. Ukraine got their aid, way more than Obama ever gave them. Plus to have Schiff to interrupt Republicans everytime is disgraceful. Just proves their have no class. The ultimate joke.

    1. The joke will be on them, on Election Night of 2020.

      But then, they’ll REALLY squeal once they realize the GOP just took a whole bunch of state legislatures, right as House reappointment is being set.

      And just wait unitil it dawns on them, that those new GOP-heavy legislatures, will be drawing the new Congressional districts…

  5. Putting California near the head of Dem primaries will, in retrospect, be seen to have contributed to the electoral rout the Dems face.

    Candidates have had to pander to the wing nut California voters (healthcare for all illegals?) and this has marginalized them to normal Americans.

    Even if Pelosi knows it is a bad hand she is forced to play it by the Progressive wingnuts in the Dem caucus who insist on pursuing this impeachment sham.

    They know they cannot impeach him; they merely hope to dirty him up as much as possible. But if the Process looks blatantly unfair I do not think it will stick

  6. The Ukranians say that they never knew the aid was frozen – so how can there be bribery or quid pro quo when the so-designated target was unaware a deal was being offered?

  7. Bribery? Seriously…that is an art form to the Dems as they invented it. Need a pack of cigs.. an Obama phone..a ride to the voting station after you registered at the DMV? We’ve got you covered! We’ll even through in a Big Mac…just don’t ask for Chick-fil-A!

  8. Forgetting all politics and looking at the principles, if the whole US press is in the pocket for the left, what recourse does Trump (or any rational citizen) have but ask outside impartial investigation into a crime??

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