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Ken Starr: No Crime Proven Today

Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr, whose work was the basis for the impeachment of Bill Clinton, said that Wednesday’s House impeachment hearings demonstrated no crime — unlike in the cases of Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon. Therefore, the Senate will not vote too convict.

Now, I know what everyone says, that this is a political process and the Constitution does not require a crime to be committed for conviction on impeachment.

But in fact, if a crime has not been convicted, the bar is very high to remove a president. If it’s going to be for bad behavior, it has to be very bad behavior. And denying a corrupt regime its missiles is just not going to be viewed as egregious enough to reverse an election right — and right before the next election.

2 thoughts on “Ken Starr: No Crime Proven Today”

  1. Sorry, MrStarr, but there was a crime proven today. The Dems and their determined intent to remove a duly elected POTUS by any means or any lie is a crime.

  2. Removing a President through impeachment in the situation such as we have before us today is called a coup.

    Failing this, the Dems have succeeded in linking the name Trump with the word impeachment. They will play this combination for all its worth for all the years to come. They are thinking long term.

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