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Ambassador Taylor Was “Pleased” When Trump Gave Ukraine Weapons After Obama Did Not

One of the many ironies here. It was President Trump who actually gave the Ukrainians weapons, as opposed to Barack Obama, who gave them some MREs and I guess a few plastic forks and knives.

All while Trump is supposedly a Russian agent. Meantime, it was Obama who was whispering to then-Russian President Medvedev that he could do more for him after he was reelected.

Now, Trump is being impeached for threatening to withhold aid that Obama never provided, but Trump did.

This is just not going to fly with enough Americans. Democrats will have to do better.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Ambassador William Taylor told Congress that he was “pleased” with President Trump’s decision to provide Ukraine with weapons to defend itself from Russia.

During his impeachment testimony on Wednesday, Taylor explained why he decided to accept Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s offer to return to the department to be the acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.

He explained that while he was in the private sector in 2015, he urged President Obama to provide lethal military weapons to Ukraine when Russia started to invade the Crimean peninsula.

Obama declined to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons and instead opted to sanction Russia and give Ukraine tools such as night-vision goggles and communication devices.

1 thought on “Ambassador Taylor Was “Pleased” When Trump Gave Ukraine Weapons After Obama Did Not”

  1. Europe, the ancestral home of most Americans. A thousand+ years of fighting, colonizing, killing each other and they still haven’t made peace. A dozen different languages, cultures, and religions make sure that they will never come together no matter how hard the EU tries.
    Russia wants to ‘own’ the Ukraine and the other Euro nations just shrug. Obama didn’t care much if the Ruskies stomp over Ukraine territory , but Trump shows some concern and allows for some real military aid that could keep the Ruskies at bay.
    If not for that “favor” that MrTrump asked of the Ukraine President during a not-private phone call, this impeachment circus would not be happening.

    The real impeachment issue would have been directed at then VPBiden and his attempt to protect his son from investigation.

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