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Trump Says He’ll Strike a Deal with Democrats on DACA

President Trump’s attempt to overturn Barack Obama’s illegal DACA order is at the Supreme Court today. Not sure how it will go. John Roberts, the new Anthony Kennedy, possibly will wimp out for the sake of peace, love and understanding.

Trump won’t get a deal this year. Not during the campaign and while he’s being impeached. After he is reelected, it could happen. I just don’t think that in the end, they are going to send people back to a country they’ve never lived in.

5 thoughts on “Trump Says He’ll Strike a Deal with Democrats on DACA”

  1. IMO, the best and humane way to deal with these illegal aliens is to give them citizenship (assuming they aren’t felons) and to stop the program, today!
    If they’re here, they win.
    They don’t get to drag their whole illegal alien family along, they don’t get any special treatment or favors, just let them take the oath and move on.

  2. Allowing Obama to create an illegal program and then treating it as if it is legal is not a good precedent.

    Every day, some people move to countries in which they have never before lived.

    I doubt how unfamiliar the DACAs are with their birth nation: they have relatives there, they may even have visited. Some claim they don’t speak their home language — how did they communicate with their parents when they arrived here? Are we to believe that their parents already spoke fluent English and enforced this on their small children? Let the people who paid the coyotes to smuggle them into the U.S. now $upport them while they adjust to their new life.

    There is a lot of lying and exaggeration among the people in this program.

    The DACAs are just more illegals gaming the system. They did not set up the mechanisms to come here, but they chose to stay once they became illegal alien adults.

    If you read some of their boards and posting sites, you might be surprised to see how entitled and demanding they are. Not so long ago, they were arguing for amnesty for everyone — didn’t want to be separated by fate from their illegal uncles, fathers, etc. If given amnesty, they’ll become yet another cohort arguing for universal amnesty.

    And don’t forget that large number of additional illegals described as qualifying for DACA, but not in the program. Think they and their advocates won’t be pushing an amnesty of their own? Think the Dems and Progs won’t be framing this great enlargement of the number involved as a matter of American justice and American vaue, etc., etc., etc.?

    I say deport them all and let them apply for citizenship. They can live with the relatives who have been receiving money sent from those who live in the U.S. and have stolen jobs. If the DACAs have spent their time here well, they will be the sort of person who will help our future and they will get their citizenship the right way.

    We do not need to illegalize illegals no matter what their story. Legalize the DACAs and how do you turn down the illegal who allegedly came to care for an ailing relative, or the one who has been here twenty years and now has five anchor babies? Enforcing the law is the only fair and just action to take.

    1. Anonna. You are so right on this issue! And just yesterday we were all pretending how much we care for our veterans! What a joke we are as a nation when they have to wait for treatment because our healthcare system is overwhelmed by illegals! Thank you Anonna

  3. Agree with Anonna and Patty. I might not deport them immediately, but I would require them to apply for citizenship like every other legal immigrant. Give them a timeline to start the process. When they don’t, then deport them.

    I have a relative who did jump through the hoops legally. She takes her civics test in December. It wasn’t easy or inexpensive, but she came with a job and cost the taxpayers nothing.

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