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Closer to Jumping in: Bloomberg Flies to Arkansas to File for the Primary

Michael Bloomberg, if he gets in the race, could win the Democratic primary, as long as he is able to jettison Joe Biden from the moderate lane. And Biden is so bad, I think he can.

If he is the nominee, Bloomberg would present the bigger challenge to President Trump than any of the declared Democratic candidates. He could win enough Democrats and Republicans who are tired of Trump to become president. Then again, a lot of lefties would stay home. They’d be too disappointed he ruined their dreams of a Bernie or Pocahontas presidency.

According to the New York Times:

Michael R. Bloomberg flew to Arkansas on Tuesday morning to personally file paperwork to become a presidential candidate in the state’s Democratic primary, sending a highly public signal about his strong interest in entering the 2020 race.

Mr. Bloomberg arrived in Little Rock, Ark., with a few aides, according to two people familiar with his activities. Arkansas is the second state in which he will be on the Democratic primary ballot, after qualifying to put his name on the ballot in Alabama last Friday. The two southern states both have early filing deadlines, even though they are not among the first primaries on the calendar.

“Mike wanted to go and do the filing himself,” said Jason Schechter, a spokesman for Mr. Bloomberg. “If he runs, he’s going to go to states that Democrats never go to in the primary campaign. We’re starting that today in Arkansas.”

Mr. Bloomberg planned to have lunch at Sims BBQ with the mayor of Little Rock, Frank Scott Jr., during a brief visit to the city.

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Mr. Bloomberg is considering a trip to North Carolina as soon as this week, two people briefed on his plans said. The state’s filing deadline is not imminent, but similar to Arkansas it is among the Super Tuesday contests in early March that Mr. Bloomberg would aim to contest aggressively as a candidate.

3 thoughts on “Closer to Jumping in: Bloomberg Flies to Arkansas to File for the Primary”

  1. Now he’s a Dem.
    A super-wealthy old White man who used to be a Repub and then an Indie.
    No matter what he promises, what he thinks he can do as POTUS, his notorious attempt to limit the amount of cola/soft drinks a person can buy will sink any hope he has of winning.

    1. Debate stage…. tense… worried looks as Trump and Bloomberg are set to begin…. or maybe the scene is in the middle of the debate…

      Parched. Trump reaches under the top of his podium to get a drink — pulls out a 48 ounce fountain drink with a plastic straw. Draws a big long drink — adds a head nod to Bloomberg.

      Bloomberg is finished.

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