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Trump Says He Would Welcome Race Against Bloomberg

Well, Christmas is coming, and Michael Bloomberg is already doing some shopping.

This year, he’s thinking of buying the presidency. According to several reports, he has changed his previous view and may soon get in the Democratic primary.

He could win. The current group is such an amalgamation of nothings, it’s possible. I still think the leftists are going to carry Elizabeth Warren to victory. But with Biden looking weak, if Sanders divides the lefty vote with her, it could give an opening to Bloomberg.

Trump spoke about Bloomberg with reporters Friday at the White House.

“He became just a nothing. He was really a nothing. He’s not going to do well but I think he’s going to hurt Biden actually,” Trump said of Bloomberg. “There’s nobody I’d rather run against than little Michael.”

“He doesn’t have the magic to do well,” Trump said. “Little Michael will fail,” he added, but only after spending a lot of money.

If he did do well in the primaries, “I’d be happy,” Trump said, adding. “There’s nobody I’d rather run against than little Michael.”

Meantime, Hillary Clinton Wednesday also refused to rule out getting in. I think she might.

4 thoughts on “Trump Says He Would Welcome Race Against Bloomberg”

  1. Who? he used to be Mayor of NYC. Period.
    He has no base anywhere outside the financial community and no recognition out here in fly-over country.

  2. I think he’s much more likely to split moderates away from Quid Pro Joe, and thus put Lieawatha in the catbird’s seat.

    That would only ensure Trump’s re-election, and would likely hand him an overwhelming majority in the House, with most of the freshman class firmly committed to getting his agenda through.

    Then add in the arrest and prosecution of several of the coup plotters.

    The swamp might just be about to get drained, in earnest, for real.

  3. He can’t win. He opens his mouth to speak and people cringe. He almost makes Bernie and Warren come off as orators. Wait until he tells flyover country what size soda they can buy while taking away their guns. The Me Too gang should have a field day with some of the corporate culture in his empire, and the climate alarmists will love his private aircraft fleet.

    Of course, none of that will matter if the media decides he is the anointed one and runs cover for him.

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