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“Never Happened”: Trump Says Washington Post Made Up a Story

I read this story in the Washington Post this morning, and I’m not sure why it was high on the website and sounded like yet another abuse of power.

Trump supposedly asked Attorney General Barr to hold a news conference to say that he hadn’t broken any laws during his call with Ukraine President Zelensky. Which appears to be true. Barr didn’t hold the news conference.

Now Trump is saying the story is fiction.

The Washington Post pretends it is just reporting news. Maybe it would make up a story too.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump denied reporting yesterday by the Washington Post that he had asked Attorney General William Barr to hold a press conference to deny any wrongdoing in a July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 

In a Thursday morning tweet, Trump chided the newspaper for not sourcing their story. “The degenerate Washington Post MADE UP the story about me asking Bill Barr to hold a news conference,” he said. “Never happened, and there were no sources!”

The story from the Washington Post cited “people familiar with the matter” as the source for their story, saying they knew that Barr had declined a request from the president to hold the press conference.

10 thoughts on ““Never Happened”: Trump Says Washington Post Made Up a Story”

  1. It’s all over the local NJ news channel, but shockingly (!) nothing about Trump’s saying it never happened, which I read elsewhere last night.

    1. Local TV “news” is AWFUL and PATHETIC (local Philly NBC station especially) when trying to “report” anything about this ‘impeachment’ bs… The air-headed news readers/news bimbos have no clue what they are reading.

  2. How about they’re kicking around ideas on how to stop this ridiculous phone call ‘matter and MrTrump says – maybe if you gave a presser and told them that nothing illegal was mentioned?.
    MrBarr or someone says – nah, that’s just going to keep it going.
    OK. Is that an abuse of power if a simple question or proposal is brought forth but not acted on?
    We’re so sick of this faux news, excited bombshells that are duds, and wish they’d all go on vacation or something.

    1. Remember when he was first elected, when President Trump said he had a technique for finding leakers: that he would tell each person some different, fictional detail, and see which one got reported in the press?

      It has to be little made-up details, because for the trap to work, only one person can be in on the supposed “secret”.

      I expect that he is still using that technique, and that is what happened here. I also suspect that is why the media loves to claim that he tells lies, when he does not, because they have been caught believing leakers who did not really know what they thought they knew!

  3. I would absolutely believe they have made up this story. They have been making up BS stories for 3 years. Why would this one from their “anonymous” sources or “people close to the situation” be any different?

    1. And people think President Trump is bad. Every day it is something new – sounds like alot of calling wolf. Now there’s the tweets from the attorney representing the Whistleblower – he acts like that is perfectly normal.

      How the man continues standing is amazing. I don’t think there is another individual who could withstand this.

      1. “I don’t think there is another individual who could withstand this.”

        And that is why they are doing it. The Washington Deep State is making certain that no other person in the future “gets above their station” and tries to step into any position of power. The Political Class thinks they OWN every office and every government job, and they are determined to teach all of us a lesson to never try this again.

        We must pray fervently that God will use this time to break the Deep State, or else they will make certain that Donald John Trump will be the last honest man to set foot in the White House.

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