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Breaking: White Men Meet to Discuss China and India

I mean, I’m not much for quotas. But I’m also not one who thinks women and men are exactly the same, and if you’re going to get a dozen people together to discuss a region of the world, the perspective of someone who is not of the predominating sex of the group might be helpful. Not to mention someone who was born in the region.

3 Responses to Breaking: White Men Meet to Discuss China and India

  1. Good point Keith…
    I wonder how many of those white guys can speak fluent/native Mandarin, Cantonese or Hindi, Urdu or Korean, Japanese…

    • Agree. Exchange all the White faces in this photo with Asian/ Indian faces, then change the “opportunities/challenges in the Indo-Pacific region” to the “…American-Mexican region” and alarms would go off in the State Dept.

  2. Quotas are wrong.

    So instead of (under whatever criteria was used) taking the 12 best people for the job at hand — let’s take one of them off and put — at best — the 13th most qualified person there. So the picture is better.


    BTW –

    Did not notice eye color, detached or attached ear lobes, under/overnight, side of head of hair parting, ring finger to index finger relationship, innie or outee bellybutton, blood type, height, weight, show size, dominant hand….

    Always. Always. Always. Send the best people — make sure the people you hire have that view and when they build teams then you get the best. If they were all x y or z category — who cares —

    I have hired teams at different places that
    — only as I think about it now — were white, mostly black, and mostly lbgtq in those three cases.

    Vince Lombardi — having experienced prejudice as an American of Italian descent — was color-blind in his approach to football.

    It’s not called playing the right card but there is something wrong when the content of the character or talent is not the over riding principle.

    Pandering to visual features is wrong.